6 Female Founders at Ignite SF: Lean Startup (May 21)


By Sarah Milstein (Organizer, Ignite: Lean Startup) Join us for an evening of Lean Startup talks with a twist. Each brave presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides -- which advance automatically every 15 seconds. Fast-paced, thought-provoking and social, this Ignite features presentations from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs ready to share their lessons learned.

The evening's slate for Ignite SF: Lean Startup Edition --

20 Ways to Not Build Stuff Cindy Alvarez (Product Management & Customer Development, KISSmetrics) Follow her on Twitter at @cindyalvarez.

Building Community: Champions, Cheerleaders and Comrades Kimberly Dillon (Founder, House of Mikko) Follow her on Twitter at @prettylittleceo.

How listening to customers helped us raise $700K in seed funding Mariya Genzel (Co-Founder & CTO, Saygent) Follow her on Twitter at @mashagenzel. Flip 'n' Learn Shivani Khanna (Intrapreneur & Fliptoaster, W3i) Follow her on Twitter at @sk_shivani.

Making Good Use of Fake Doors Jess Lee (Co-Founder, Polyvore) Follow her on Twitter at @jesskah.

Lean Startup Savvy from Ice Road Truckers Michele Lisenbury Christensen (Founder, Working With Power) Follow her on Twitter at @lisenbury.

For more info on Ignite SF: Lean Startup on May 21 and to register, click here.

About the guest blogger: Sarah Milstein is TechWeb's GM & Co-chair for Web 2.0 Expo. She's also co-author, with Tim O'Reilly, of The Twitter Book and a frequent speaker on Twitter for business. Previously, she was on the senior editorial staff at O'Reilly Media, where she founded the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) and led development of the Missing Manuals, a best-selling series of computer books for non-geeks. Follow her on Twitter at @SarahM.