Center yourself around empathy, inclusion and allyship.

What if you could easily gain an introductory understanding of what it means to be an inclusive ally for people from underrepresented groups?

REWIRE equips you with foundational concepts around inclusion, positioning you for longer-term success in becoming a better advocate for others throughout your life.

Through social learning and habit-building, we ask participants to reflect and build muscles that help them be more self-aware and in-tune with daily opportunities for inclusion and allyship.

REWIRE Challenge Format:

  • Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll work through 21 light-touch, daily exercises
  • All exercises are virtual and asynchronous
  • Participants have the option to engage in directed and moderated group discussion around each activity (not mandatory!).
  • Activities are low-lift, but highly meaningful, and can be done in 15-20 minutes each day.

Exercise topics include (but are definitely not limited to!):

  • Diving Deeper Into Privilege
  • Having Difficult Conversations about Diversity
  • The Psychology of Empathy
  • Allyship from a Historical Perspective

You’ll also have the opportunity to access additional resources, and share with and learn from each other.

Our REWIRE course is $100 to participate. You’re enrolled in our ongoing REWIRE community for $100/year (first year is included with your Challenge), which you can opt out of at any time.

The REWIRE Community allows you to interact directly with our growing network of allies around the world, as well as lifetime access to course materials and Cohort-only communications, and ongoing community events and growth opportunities.

“I have never been exposed to so much in these last 21 days.”

“This activity could not come at a more relevant time.”

“Take this challenge, you won’t regret it! Kate and Corey break down everything into approachable and bite-sized pieces so you can fit the course into your life, no matter how busy you are”

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Our Rewire Challenge was co-developed by the team at Empact Strategies, a firm that focuses how we can be better allies, through practical frameworks for building better habits and building communities that serve as resources and spaces for support.