Female Founders and Women in Tech Ecosystem

The new tech industry

One of our main philosophies around here is that, if we can create more balanced tech startups now, with gender equality baked in, and can promote general gender equality through out the tech industry, we’re going to make a way better technology industry for our future generations.

To that end, we work hard to give women better, more direct access to women-focused or women-friendly startup and career resources.


  1. ACCESS: Making sure that any woman – no matter her location, point in career, network, etc – is able to connect to the resources, capital and people she needs to advance her company and career.
  2. TIME-TO-CAPITAL: Educating women about different types of capital available, and creating direct connections to those capital sources to speed the growth cycle for female-founded companies.
  3. SHOWCASE: Putting a spotlight on the achievements of women in technology through the Women 2.0 media hub and larger network.


Centralization: Due diligence of the ecosystem and creation of a resource hub 

Technology: Platform development to reduce friction to knowledge and ecosystem

Partnerships: Direct access and connections to key agents in the space


Cool stuff

We’re a member of the Leadership Coalition of the United Nations EQUALS program. Much of this program will be part of this partnership, and will be implemented globally. For more information, see our EQUALS partnership section.

Support our work

The main way this type of programming can exist is through ongoing corporate sponsorship. This allows us to support the execution of all this neat and important work. If your company would like to align itself with us, and ideally work alongside us in this effort, we would love to talk.

Additionally, we’ll be looking for regional partners to help with the development of the ecosystem as we move forward.

Please email info@women2.com if you’re interested in further information.