Conference Call: Recognizing and Combatting ‘Diversity Fatigue’

As anyone involved in D&I efforts knows, the wins are hard fought, progress can be slow, and diversity fatigue is a real challenge. And this despite the huge amount of attention and internal action placed on D&I work.

In a conversation with Amber Madison, co-founder of Peoplism, we’ll explore the following:

  • The decisions and dynamics that lead to diversity fatigue.
  • How to recognize signs of it at all levels of your company.
  • Actionable tips for keeping morale high while doing the long-term work of D&I+.


Date: 23 October 2019
Time: 2:00-2:45pm EST / 11:00-11:45am PST
Format: Conference call (details will be sent in the lead up to the call)

About our Expert:

Amber Madison, is the co-founder of Peoplism, an end-to-end D&I+ consulting firm.  She is also a licensed therapist, award-winning lecturer, and nationally noted author who has appeared everywhere from The Today Show to MTV to NPR and has been featured in FastCompany, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and many more. She’s implemented high-impact trainings and D&I+ strategies at tech companies of all sorts and sizes ranging from Facebook to Betterment to Virgin Hyperloop One to Classpass.

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