Although traditionally masculine traits are often seen as the key to climbing the corporate ladder, it’s clear that an exclusively masculine working style is less effective than a blended approach.

A 2011 study conducted at Stanford examined feminine and masculine traits in male and female employees and compared these traits to their rates of promotion compared to their peers.

The results were surprising: “feminine” men got 2 times the promotions of their traditionally “masculine” peers.

Those workers able to blend feminine and masculine traits in the workplace tend to excel beyond their peers.

We’ll be joined by Amanda Slavin, CEO & Founder of Catalyst Creativ, who’s developed a curriculum around this concept to create more engagement in your workplace for both men and women.


Date: 8 January 2019
Time: 1:00-1:45pm EST / 10:00-10:45am PST
Format: Conference call (details will be sent in the lead up to the call)

About our Expert:

Amanda Slavin is the CEO of CatalystCreativ, a creative agency that empowers brand success by forging deep audience engagement. Slavin’s work has merited Cannes Lion Awards, and the business of such clients as Google, the New York City Ballet, the NFL Raiders and more.