Building a business from the ground up is hard work. That’s why it’s best to anticipate road bumps rather than trying to solve a problem after the fact.

Ten hardworking entrepreneurs share what were their biggest technical challenges and what they did to overcome them.

By the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

Question: What was your biggest technical challenge when building your business and how did you get through it?

  • Komal KushalrajGetting the Team to Buy In 

    We work with a small tech team remotely and our biggest challenge was getting the team to buy into our vision and see the future potential of the company. Initially we were treated just like “another account” until I personally flew to India and met up with the team in person. Once the team was sold on the vision, the attitude completely changed. – Komal KushalrajNUMARI

  • Sydney WilliamsBuilding My Website on a Budget

    When I first started my company, I knew that a functional, easy-to-navigate website was tremendously important. I also knew that I was doing this on my own dime, and on my own time. I sought out the assistance of an old teammate and with a few recommendations, I built the website for Planet Green Socks all by myself. It’s always evolving, and I picked up a new skill in the process. – Sydney WilliamsPlanet Green Socks

  • Nanxi LiuDetermining Our Post-Revenue Product Roadmap

    Determining the post-revenue product roadmap is challenging. Do we build major features that would bring in significant revenue that comes later? Or do we build smaller features that would bring in instant, lesser amounts of revenue? We did a detailed revenue versus cost analysis and picked the two most effective smaller features to build and focused all other efforts on the major developments. – Nanxi LiuEnplug

  • JoAnn LeonardPrioritizing Our Technical Needs

    Multitasking comes naturally to many women. But when you’re trying to get your business up and running, it’s easier to first list out all your hardware and software needs and then organize them based on dependencies. Take your time with the list to make sure it meets all your company’s current needs. I like to use Trello to move priorities around and then tackle technical needs one by one. – JoAnn Leonard, Juice Interactive

  • Sunny BonnellWorking With Clients Globally

    Mastering the art of working remote on branding projects was a challenge for us. Motto’s clients are in different parts of the world, across different time zones, and we needed to learn what tools worked. How we handled project management, meetings, design proofing and feedback were a top priority. Tools like Basecamp, Skype and InVision have been essential in creating seamless experiences. – Sunny BonnellMotto

  • Ellisa Miller OutFinding the Best System for Company Operations

    Organizing all of our team projects and action items, while maintaining accountability and transparency, was challenging as our team grew. We were thrilled when we discovered Asana, a great tool for managing the daily operations of our company. – Elisa Miller-OutSinglebrook

  • Kelsey RechtLearning to Speak the Language

    Learning how to speak the language of development and technology so I could clearly articulate product requests to our technology team was a challenge. – Kelsey RechtVenueBook

  • Lisa Nicole BellIdentifying the Right Tools

    Research costs are real, but spending time finding the right tool for your business is time well spent. Whether it’s finding an internal tech solution or developing your firm’s product, you have to commit to figuring it out, running tests and optimizing often. This is true whether you’re a woman or man. – Lisa Nicole BellInspired Life Media Group

  • Elizabeth SaundersFinding Website Designers and Developers

    I’ve found that finding the right website developers and designers can be difficult, but is critical. In my experience, it takes trial and error to see how well you work with certain individuals. Also, as your business grows and develops, you may need to change designers to offer a fresh perspective and to take not only your design, but also your marketing strategy to the next level. – Elizabeth SaundersReal Life E®

    Nicole MunozGetting Connected

    Our first office was completely wireless. The problem was that we had one employee who would boot up her computer and everyone else would get booted out of the network. I had no idea about server admins or what to do about this problem. I ended up talking to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and installing a hard line connection for the office. – Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now