Some things are perfect just the way they are. Here are ten resolutions to leave well alone in 2015.

By the Young Entrepreneur Council

You may want to eat healthier this year, or make it to the gym just a few more times each week. There should also be things you’re resolving to change about the way you’re running your business. But it’s good to know what you wouldn’t alter too. That’s why we asked 10 entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following questions:

Q. What’s one thing you are NOT resolving to change in the new year?

A. Turning Everything Off After 9 p.m.

Brooke Bergman

I’ve started to make myself shut off my computer and not use my phone starting at 9 p.m. By doing that, I’m able to unwind from the day and sleep better at night. It’s really helped me be more productive. In 2015, I’m going to hold strong to this personal policy. – Brooke BergmanAllied Business Network Inc.



A. Taking a Summer Sabbatical

Natalie McNeil

I decided to go on sabbatical in Europe for the month of July (full disclosure: I worked just a little bit). I felt I needed time and space to reflect on all the incredible things that have happened over the last few years that hadn’t fully sunk in yet. I also wanted to consider our trajectory and make sure it was a path I was still excited about. I’ve scheduled a July sabbatical again for 2015. – Natalie MacNeilShe Takes on the World


A. Keeping a Critical Eye Toward Innovation

Brittany Hodak

Innovation has always been a key part of ZinePak’s core values. It can be easy for startups to get caught up in celebrating their successes and being satisfied with “great.” I push myself and my team to constantly look for ways to be better than our best. Your “best” product in January shouldn’t still be your best in December. Improvement and innovation need to be part of every startup’s DNA. – Brittany HodakZinePak


A. Being Selective About Who I Spend Time With

Nanxi Liu

In 2014, I learned to be better about prioritizing who I spend time with in my personal and professional life. The fast pace at which my company grew this year underlined the value of each hour. Going into the new year, I am more comfortable about saying no to certain meetings so I can be focused on the things that matter most. – Nanxi LiuEnplug



A. Incorporating Non-Conventional Thinking

Abbi Whitaker

I am very rarely satisfied. There is always more to learn, to discover and to experiment with. I am never going to change my appetite for continuing to push my company, my friends and my clients to change the way they are doing things by incorporating thinking that is non-conventional. Some people call it pushy; some call it aggressive. I tend to call it staying ahead of the curve. – Abbi WhitakerThe Abbi Agency


A. Taking Time For Myself

Darrah Brustein

I was dedicated in 2014 to making sure I felt balanced by doing things that brought me peace like travel, yoga, meditation and reading. I resolve to continue with these practices as their benefits spill over into all aspects of my life, and business for certain. – Darrah BrusteinNetwork Under 40 / Finance Whiz Kids 



A. Avoiding the “B” Word

Kelly Azevedo

In 2014, we were all told to ban the word ‘bossy,’ but as a woman and a boss, I respectfully refuse. I have no interest in debating the semantics of how a strong, confident woman in business is perceived. Instead, we’ll continue to nurture leadership in girls and young women, mentor them to embrace their natural skills and shake it off when someone mutters any “B” word. – Kelly AzevedoShe’s Got Systems


A. Doing the Hard Work on Myself

Sydney Owen

2014 has presented the most insane roller coaster ride I’ve experienced with regards to ‘who I am’ vs. ‘who people expect me to be.’ As such, I’ve done some serious soul searching and am starting to come out on the other side from tremendous loss in my personal life. Just because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have no intention of putting the self work to rest in 2015. – Sydney Owen Williams3Ring Media


A. Partnering on Projects

Elizabeth Saunders

In 2014, I made a commitment to myself that all of the big projects I worked on should be done with others instead of trying to push through on my own. Over the course of the year, some partnerships brought amazing results, and others had very little ROI. However, I don’t regret any of the experiences, and I’m committed in 2015 to continue my quest to focus on partnerships. I’m best with others. – Elizabeth SaundersReal Life E®


A. Playing Up My Passion

Mina Chang

Women can be encouraged to play down their passion if they seem too eager or emotional. Understand how your passion is interpreted, but never downplay passion. Passion is contagious! It gives your team members permission to be passionate as well. – Mina ChangLinking the World

Main photo credit: pryzmat via Shutterstock.