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By Efrat Barit (Co-Founder & CEO, Ringbow)

All my life I was a “doer”. Arranged, promoted, organized, friends, family, work, I never sat and looked from the side, or waited for something to happen.

I always looked at myself as a resourceful girl. I didn’t know what it meant to be an entrepreneur or what you needed to do to become one. In my case, becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t something that I chose, it chose me! People always say luck is being in the right place at the right time. I guess this happened to me when I was introduced to a friend of a friend who had some big ideas, but needed help making sense of them.

Saar, who later became my business partner, had this innovative idea of a “magic ring” that allows you to do endless things with all of your devices. The idea was so intriguing that I spent the very next day immersed in this big idea; envisioning and researching how to make this ring a reality and I haven’t stopped since.

During the first couple of months, whilst still in full time employment I researched and learned everything I could about the potential market. The product is hardware; but also software; yet it’s a huge platform; How do we even begin?? I had to identify which market to focus on and how. I did all of this after work hours for a few months until the day that I realized I need to live, breath and focus on Ringbow and I couldn’t do this in parallel with my demanding job as a project manager for Apple in Israel. So I quit and never looked back.

Two intensive years have passed, full of ups and downs, bringing great achievements and excitements together with many difficulties and obstacles. With the limited financial resources we have, we have had to find creative ways to promote the company and keep developing the product.

It was amazing to tap into the entrepreneurship network, and discover this unique community where people help each other, teach, advise, connect. I traveled around the world and found myself in places and situations I never imagined I’d be in, piloting with AT&T, winning the “startup with highest future potential category” over the world…

No matter where I was, fellow entrepreneurs whose paths I’d crossed only moments earlier instantly became good friends who support and advise, always ready for a sneaky beer at an industry event.

As I see it, entrepreneurs are “doers”. Everything challenges us. You just need to provide us with the opportunity and we’ll grab it. A startup (or at least most startups) provides constant challenges that keep us alert, always looking to find the critical path to overcome daily hurdles.

Our latest challenge has been creating the final Ringbow prototype and bringing it to market. In order to establish a production line to power the product launch, we needed funds. So we approached many investors, and despite the great business achievements and the recognition we’ve received, it seemed that investors typically prefer to invest in the following phase, when you have proven record of sales.

We looked at our options and realized Kickstarter is the most amazing platform to pre-launch Ringbow. We can approach the early adopters; build the very first community of Ringbow developers and users, and raise the required funds.

So now we’re 12 days away from the completion of our Kickstarter campaign, having hit 85% of our goal.

We now need the help of the community to spread the word of Ringbow and help us make it a reality. Ringbow has so much to offer for our daily interactions, please find out more at our Kickstarter page. If Ringbow has set up your imagination, please share it of course I’ll be happy to hear your creative, clever and crazy ideas.

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About the guest blogger: Efrat Barit is co-founder and CEO of Ringbow. Since co-founded Ringbow in 2009, she leads the development of a novel peripheral device that enhances the interaction with the most innovative interfaces such as touch screens, visual recognition and augmented reality. Previously, she led emerging technology, science and education projects for apple in Israel (iDigital) and worked closely with the leading research institutions to unleash innovation. During her academic studies for a BA in business and finance, Efrat worked for one of Israel’s leading tech VCs. Follow her on Twitter at @efrat_barit.