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    by Jessica Stillman

    5 Tips That Helped Me Find Extra Minutes—and Peace—in the Day

    Wish you had an extra hour (or two) to squeeze everything into your day? Then this founder’s list of extremely practical tips is for you. 

    By Pamela Hawley (Founder & CEO, UniverrsalGiving)

    My heart goes out to all women who are trying to “lean in” and do it all. Being great leaders, moms, wives, business professionals and givers to our communities is a beautiful life, and a lot. As a CEO, I need to stay balanced, rested and calm for myself, my team, and my parents, nephews and niece.

    If am not calm and rested, then I impact everyone around me.

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    by Angie Chang

    Attention Women: You Are Not Pathetic

    What high-profile working mothers say carries weight with other working mothers whether we like it or not.

    By Stefania Pomponi (Co-Founder, Clever Girls Collective)

    Sarah Lacy’s article on Marissa Mayer’s life as a working mom suggests that women who are critical of Marissa Mayer’s statements that she wasn’t planning to take much of a maternity leave and that her baby is “easy” are “pathetic.” I agree with much of what Lacy says, including that we don’t need Marissa Mayer’s “permission to decide how to balance career and family,” but unlike Lacy, I do