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    by Angie Chang

    No Boys Allowed: Women Innovate Mobile Accelerator For Women

    By Sarah Perez (Writer, TechCrunch)

    Today, a new startup accelerator for women, the Women Innovate Mobile (WIM) Accelerator, is opening its doors for applications. The program will start off small, offering two to five companies seed funding of $18,000, plus mentoring, support, and free office space in New York during the course of its three-month program.

    The company was founded by Veronika Sonsev, the co-founder of inSparq and the non-profit Women in Wireless, Deborah Jackson, founder of JumpThru, and business strategist Kelly Hoey.

    “Accelerators are dominated by men and

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    by Managing Editor

    When Babies Become Taboo (Work/Life Balance)

    By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless) I have babies on the brain. As a woman in my mid-twenties, starting a family has always been something that will eventually happen in the far and distant future. I have the timeline figured out: finish college, travel, start a great flexible career, meet someone, fall in love, get married by 30, and get pregnant (the latest) by 32. But recently I’ve been dreaming up some pretty hefty career goals which includes becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own business, which has left me wondering two things:

    1. Where a family fits into my ten-year plan
    2. If having a baby will sabotage my career goals.
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    by Angie Chang

    A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating (Tips & Tricks)

    By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)

    The Women in Wireless Educational Series officially launched last Thursday with a workshop on negotiation skills, taught by Professor Lee Miller (author of “A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating”) in New York City. The workshops aim to teach professional women valuable skills that are essential for career advancement and feature special guest speakers who are experts on subjects like negotiating, public speaking, and sales tactics.

    Professor Lee Miller began his talk with this little visualization exercise:

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Speed Networking is Better than Speed Dating

    By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)

    Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or to meet “the right people”, the goal behind speed networking and speed dating is pretty much the same — to make connections and build relationships in the shortest amount of time. But adding names to your rolodex rather than your little black book may not only be a better use of your time but a lot easier too.

    Here are the top three reasons why speed networking is better than speed dating:

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    by Angie Chang

    Bringing the Women 2.0 Revolution to SXSW 2012 – Please Vote!

    By Veronika Sonsev (Founder & CEO, InSparq)

    The tech industry has traditionally been a boys’ club — women have been under represented as developers, founders and c-level executives. However, thanks to traditional and social media, a network of loosely associated groups (Women 2.0, Change the Ratio, RailsBridge, Girls in Tech, Women in Wireless, etc.) and an army of women driven to change the ratio, we are starting to see some early signs of improvement:

    1. More women are pursuing computer science degrees.
    2. The number of startups lead by women is growing.
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    by Angie Chang

    Why Women Need to Be At Tech Conferences

    By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)

    I have to admit I was a little shocked after initially reading this article titled “Why Women Shouldn’t Go to Tech Conferences” (can you blame me?) featured on Forbes Woman.

    The article followed Susannah Breslin who was asked to speak on a women-panel about how to make a living blogging as a career. She was annoyed at the fact that the panelists discussed how they got brands to sponsor their blogs:

    “They allude to getting paid what I assume everyone imagines are large sums to work with these companies

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    by Angie Chang

    What Do Women Really Need to Succeed?

    By Melissa Fudor (Program Manager, Women in Wireless)

    I’ve been working with Women in Wireless for two very eye-opening and inspiring months.

    At networking events, whenever I introduce myself to men, I brace myself for the usual joke, “well I’m not a women in wireless, but I am a male in mobile!”

    Why do women need a group like Women in Wireless and men don’t? In this New York Times article on Sheryl Sandberg, the answer may lie in women’s relationships: