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    by Angie Chang

    2013: The Year Of The Female Entrepreneur?

    It is no surprise then that four of the major global consumer tech businesses – Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and Twitter – have more female customers than male. However, each suffers from a lack of female representation at board level, and this is true throughout the business world.

    By Wendy Tan White (Founder & CEO, Moonfruit)

    A recent poll from The Telegraph found that while almost a fifth of young women would like to run their own business, just 3% wanted to become a CEO of a company.

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Have A Woman/Tech Blog?

    I bring a different perspective as a female, and my ability to inject a refreshing dose of estrogen to an otherwise testosterone-heavy workplace is usually welcomed.

    By Audrey Melnik (Founder & Developer, WotWentWrong)

    I’m a huge fan of the TV show Mad Men. What originally attracted me to it was its irreverence and how effectively it demonstrates what the workplace was like fifty years ago. Racism, sexism, smoking, more smoking and drinking while pregnant – all these practices are taboo today, and it’s really interesting to see where

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    by Angie Chang

    We Need More Women In Tech, Here’s Why

    By being examples of tech savvy women who are generous with their talents and relentlessly hard working, we’re setting the stage for women who will come after us, building a legacy of real impact.

    By Audrey Tan (Founder, Waggit)

    Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg have recently made headlines for their high profile jobs at top tech companies in America. But I hope you agree these women aren’t in these positions just because they’re women. They have proven track records and have reputations for delivering results. Their influence fuels communities

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    by Angie Chang

    From Individual Contributors To The COO, Women Make An Impact At Salesforce’s Girl Geek Dinner

    Women represent nearly every level of leadership at Salesforce, from business to technical roles, inspiring others to strive towards that goal.

    By Courtney Mayeda (MBA, UCLA Anderson)

    Upon entering the expansive One Spear Street, we were greeted by the many smiling faces of Salesforce’s Women in Technology group, sporting their nifty red t-shirts. The space offered not only drinks and delicious food, but also the opportunity to experience demos of the expansive Salesforce product offerings.

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    by Angie Chang

    Sheryl Sandberg Explains Why Younger Women Should Pursue Tech Careers

    Facebook leaders Sheryl Sandberg and Jocelyn Goldfein share advice.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    The most influential woman in tech right now, Sheryl Sandberg, outlined some clues for younger women searching for a career or job in today’s economy.

    In a post to Quora last week, she gave three pieces of advice for younger women and made an appeal for women

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    by Angie Chang

    Women Heroes In Tech: The Best Kept Secrets Of Silicon Valley

    I seek to widen the pool of female heroes in tech. They might not have a huge PR machine behind them, but these women have truly made their mark on the professional landscape in Silicon Valley.

    By Marilyn Nagel (CEO, Watermark)

    If you Google “women in tech,” it’s likely that the same 5-10 women will pop up in your search results. These hyper-visible women (Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Susan Wojcicki, to name a few) have become the poster girls of women leaders in Silicon Valley. They’re great at what they do, and they certainly act as role models for women interested in breaking into tech.

    While creating a group of superstars serves its purpose, I fear that seeing the same faces repeatedly gives the impression that they’re the only women succeeding in Silicon Valley, when in reality, exceptional women leaders are

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    by Angie Chang

    Make An iOS App In 48 Hours At iOSDevCamp 2012 (July 20-22)

    eBay’s women in tech group is sponsoring tickets to women who enjoy coding or designing iOS apps.

    By Jennifer Holmes (Organizer, iOSDevCamp 2012)

    “Women in Tech” could mean a variety of different women, from the serious coder to the UI designer to the CEO.

    Although occasionally women are in short supply in the engineering department, we are working hard to change that across the board. iOSDevCamp has always had good diversity in its attendees – and now it’s about to get a whole lot better.

    eBay’s Women in Technology group is sponsoring free tickets to any women who enjoy coding or designing iPhone/iPad apps.

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    by Angie Chang

    From Tickle Me Elmo! With Dad – To Building An Android App In High School For The Technovation Challenge

    Technovation has given me the confidence to pursue a science/business/technology career.

    By Lisa Illés (Sophomore, Albany High School)

    It all started with Tickle Me Elmo. I was one and a half and my dad took me on his lap and showed me the first computer game of my life, Tickle Me Elmo!

    Later in life, like many kids my age, I suffered through a Club Penguin, Facebook, and a computer game obsession. Growing up with a computer in the house put entertainment and information at my fingertips. My curiosity on any subject can be instantly satisfied through Google or Wikipedia. I can watch my favorite TV shows on Hulu or Netflix anytime. For all of my life, I have been

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    by Angie Chang

    Gender In Tech: No Longer A Silent Issue

    Ellen Pao’s lawsuit allows our community to discuss these “women in tech” issues as real problems.

    By Cristina Cordova (Business Development, Pulse)

    TechCrunch reported that Kleiner Perkins Partner Ellen Pao sued her firm for gender and sexual discrimination. A friend immediately told me “Well that’s career suicide” and I can’t say I didn’t think the same thing. While few can comment on whether the allegations are true, this news does highlight some of the reactions the media and tech community have had to gender issues in the past.

    Over the past few months, many have been engrossed in the Valley gender gossip on “brogrammer culture”, sexist comments at tech panels and the general lack of women in tech. Many

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    by Angie Chang

    How Women In Tech Are Losing From Top To Bottom

    Is a lonely road to blame for the dearth of women in tech?

    By Meghan Casserly (Writer, Forbes)

    According to a new survey the number of women in senior technology positions at U.S. companies is down for the second year in a row.

    The survey, published by U.S. division of the British tech recruitment group Harvey Nash, attests that just 9% of U.S. chief information officers (CIOs) are female, down from 11% last year and 12% in 2010. According to Reuters, 30% of the 450 American tech executives polled said their IT groups have no women at all in management positions. What’s more, when the same group of executives was asked whether women were underrepresented, roughly one half said no.

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    by Angie Chang

    Women Who Tech Telesummit (May 23)

    Women 2.0 members save 20% on tickets to Women Who Tech telesummit with discount code “Women2”.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Our CEO Shaherose Charania will be a speaker in the 4th annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit (WWT). You are invited to join thought-provoking discussions led by the most passionate and talented women in tech, startups, and social media including startup investor Joanne Wilson, WordPress usability expert Jane Wells of Automattic, Shireen Mitchell of Digital Sistas, Elisa Camahort Page of BlogHer, Kaliya Hamlin of She’s Geeky and many more.

    Women 2.0 members save 20% with discount code “Women2” when you register here. Scholarship opportunities are available! Use the contact form here to inquire about scholarships.

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    by Angie Chang

    Inside The Minds Of The Next Generation Of Women In Tech! (Video)

    If the world were a laboratory and technology were a drug…

    By Julie Wong (Director, Music Around the World!)

    The National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) just kicked off public voting now through April 16 for their first “Aspirations in Computing” Teen Video Challenge.

    The thought-provoking video “If the World were a Laboratory and Technology were a Drug…” uses metaphor to reflect on the power of technology and the necessity for women to be creators, not just consumers, in the brave new virtual world we are now entering. Eye-opening statistics on the number of women and women of color represented in tech fields!

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    by Angie Chang

    In A Room Of 25 Engineers, Only 3 Will Be Women. Let’s Change This.

    20% of women with math and science degrees work in a related field.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Girls are smarter than boys, the infographic below states. Studies show that at an early age, girls are smarter than boys.

    But girls question their ability, losing confidence and self-esteem from elementary years to their teens – even into college.

    20% of female computer science students question whether they should be there. Then – only 20% of women with a degree in math or science even work in a related field. So when we ask, “Where are the women in the maths and sciences?” – now

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    by Angie Chang

    Interviews With Women Teaching Women Coding

    Talking with Girl Develop It, Ladies Learning Code, Web Start Women and Startlucks.

    By Jennifer Lindner (Organizer, RailsBridge & Freelance Open Source Developer)

    There’s a rapidly growing movement of women teaching women technology skills: all over the Americas, self-starting organizations are running hands-on classes to huge success. Girl Develop It, Ladies Learning Code and Web Start Women are all great examples of startup-savvy applied to gender in technology.

    Here are some excerpts from a series of interviews with each of these organizations. Although in very different locations, all report similar experiences with breaking down fears about technology, building confidence, support from their local technology community, and the success of hands-on teaching techniques.

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    by Angie Chang

    Women 2.0 Meets Hundreds Of Women Entrepreneurs At SXSW

    Founder Friday Austin Launch and official “Women in Tech” Meet Up hosted at SXSW.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    We hosted a sold-out Founder Friday Austin Launch at SXSW. Over 150 people visited the Alcatel-Lucent Trend Lounge at SXSW to find out about Women 2.0, meet our community of entrepreneurs, and discussed resources for starting startups.

    We met women from the east coast (New York, Chicago, Boston) as well as the west coast (San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles). Women came from all corners of the state of Texas in hopes of meeting more like-minded women. Even Colorado and Mexico had women represent!

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    by Angie Chang

    Move The Needle: Women 2.0 PITCH

    By Blake Landau (Director of Marketing, Linqia)

    The fact is there is nothing more romantic than spending Valentines Day at the Computer History Museum with over a thousand women at Women 2.0’s fifth annual PITCH conference.

    There is a demand for mentoring, support and communities where women can support each other. We all know this considering that Women 2.0 events consistently sell out. PITCH was no different with people pouring out of the conference rooms.

    For women to be successful in an industry where