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    by Jessica Stillman

    Update Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Teach Her About Tech Instead

    Today is Take Your Daughter to Work Day. If your kids are less than excited by this worthy but dated occasion, how about introducing them to technology instead, suggests one female CEO.

    By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

    Today is the 20th anniversary of Take Your Daughter to Work Day. A pioneering idea to enlarge the experiences and ambitions of girls in its day, the yearly occasion for parent-child bonding is–let’s admit it–starting to feel a bit dated. Unless you’re an astronaut or a cowgirl, a one-day immersion in your work life is probably not going to light up the imagination of your kids.

    You might be doing awesome things at your computer or in your cube but visually observed from the outside, it doesn’t really seem that interesting, is it?

    So female CEO Adrian Ott offered a fabulous update building on the original, worthy idea

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    by Angie Chang

    A Very Unusual Startup Horror Story (Startup Lessons Learned)

    By Grace Ng (Lead Interaction Designer, Snapette)

    There is a giant push for more female entrepreneurs right now led up by empowering initiatives and resources like Change the Ratio, Women 2.0, WITI, and The Daily Muse. With so much support and encouragement from the growing women in tech community, now is definitely a great time to take your step and run after your dreams. But as a female entrepreneur myself, I would like to take this time to share some of my experiences and missteps

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    by Angie Chang

    Isn’t It Better to Have a Life of “Oh Well’s” Than “What If’s”?

    By Renee Blodgett (Blogger, Down the Avenue)

    Clearly I don’t get to New York often enough, by now I would have met writer and products guru Maya Baratz, who is currently working on new products at The Wall Street Journal.

    She started out by asking the nearly all women audience at WITI (Women in Technology International)“How many of you are still waiting for your mentor? How many of you spend your time trying to prove someone wrong?”

    Mentors were a common thread throughout her talk.

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    by Angie Chang

    An Interview with Angie Chang of Women 2.0 (Audio Podcast)

    By Meg Campbell (Founder, GirlHack)

    Editor’s note: Angie Chang will be moderating a panel of successful women entrepreneurs at the WITI Summit on Tuesday, October 4 in San Jose, CA. Check out the schedule here.

    Welcome to GirlHack Origins, a podcast celebrating women being geeky, girly or whoever they want to be.

    This podcast is in collaboration with Women in Technology International. I’m your host, Meg Campbell for an interview with one of the co-founders of Women 2.0, Angie Chang.