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  1. techstars-officially-grows-up-adds-100-000-of-funding-for-every-startup-4f88f7bdb9
    by Jessica Stillman

    How We Got Into TechStars

    weeSpring’s co-founder explains what it took to get into über-competitive TechStars.

    By Allyson Downey (CEO & Co-founder, weeSpring)

    A year ago, when weeSpring was just an idea sketched out on a couple PowerPoint slides, a friend suggested we apply to this thing called TechStars – a world-class accelerator that helps startups get their rocketship off the launchpad.  The stats post-TechStars were impressive, to say the least: companies that have been through the program go on to raise an average of $1.5M in venture funding. The catch? Fewer than 1% of applicants are accepted. At the time, it felt like winning an Oscar might be easier.

    But we went for it anyway

  2. by Angie Chang

    Accidental Entrepreneur With Newborn Baby Creates weeSpring, Daydreams About Growth Channels

    Right now, we’re eating, drinking, and sleeping user acquisition…

    By Allyson Downey (Co-Founder, weeSpring)

    I think of myself as an accidental entrepreneur: I had a newborn baby, was transitioning into a new job, and was as sleep-deprived as you’d imagine under those circumstances.

    But during all those sleepless nights (and days!), I had this idea in my head that I couldn’t shake: there had to be an easier way for new and expecting parents to figure out what they needed