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  1. General-Assembly
    by Angie Chang

    UX Design Can’t Be An Afterthought

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    By Christina Wodtke (Product Designer, Wodtke Consulting)

    Historically, designers in technology companies often feel like the only girl in the room. They were brought in late, more often than not and shown a ugly product and were asked to “make it pretty.” This sounded mighty familiar to some, who also heard in their personal life to “just sit there and look pretty.”

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    by Angie Chang

    Are You A/B Testing Your Designs? Quantifying Design Success

    By Laura Klein (Principal, Users Know)

    The other day, I posted something I strongly believe on Twitter. A few people disagreed. I’d like to address the arguments, and I’d love to hear feedback and counter-arguments in the comments where you have more than 140 characters to tell me I’m wrong.

    My original tweet was, “I don’t trust designers who don’t want their designs a/b tested. They’re not interested in knowing if they were wrong.”

    Here are some of the real responses that I got