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  2. Women-in-Tech
    by Angie Chang

    Women Heroes In Tech: The Best Kept Secrets Of Silicon Valley

    I seek to widen the pool of female heroes in tech. They might not have a huge PR machine behind them, but these women have truly made their mark on the professional landscape in Silicon Valley.

    By Marilyn Nagel (CEO, Watermark)

    If you Google “women in tech,” it’s likely that the same 5-10 women will pop up in your search results. These hyper-visible women (Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Susan Wojcicki, to name a few) have become the poster girls of women leaders in Silicon Valley. They’re great at what they do, and they certainly act as role models for women interested in breaking into tech.

    While creating a group of superstars serves its purpose, I fear that seeing the same faces repeatedly gives the impression that they’re the only women succeeding in Silicon Valley, when in reality, exceptional women leaders are

  3. mayer_google
    by Angie Chang

    Marissa Mayer: What’s Family Got To Do With It?

    We need to re-direct the conversation to Marissa being in the minority as a women CEO in a Fortune 500 company – and how we can change that abysmal ratio.

    By Marilyn Nagel (CEO, Watermark)

    When the news broke of Marissa Mayer’s appointment as CEO of Yahoo, the excitement in the air was palpable. Women welcomed the discussions it ignited, specifically those about the lack of female CEOs at fortune 500 companies. Everyone was pleased that Marissa was named CEO, not because of her gender but because she is a respected female executive known for her creativity and leadership.

    The women CEOs in the Watermark community immediately stepped up to offer her support and guidance. Their collective experience would offer Marissa insights in areas new to her, including P&L. The power of women supporting women

  4. Jack
    by Angie Chang

    I Dare You: Attend A Women’s Event And Call Us Victims

    “Wake up, Jack! I dare you to attend one of our events and call our members ‘victims’.”

    By Marilyn Nagel (CEO, Watermark)

    A few weeks ago, a major controversy bloomed over Jack Welch’s comments at The Wall Street Journal’s Women in the Economy Conference. His remarks included the following statements:

    • To get ahead, focus laserlike on performance
    • Mentoring programs are a bad idea; everyone on staff should be your mentor
    • Support groups, such as women’s employee groups, can be likened to “victims’ units,” which the best women tend to avoid
    • There is no such thing as work-life balance, there are only work-life choices that have consequences
  5. w
    by Angie Chang

    Reaching Your End Game: Collective Success For Women Entrepreneurs

    Instead of struggling in a silo, it’s critical to create a networked, multifaceted strategy to solving problems by sharing resources and learning about proven tactics.

    By Marilyn Nagel (CEO, Watermark)

    The great news is that the number of women entrepreneurs continues to rise regionally, nationally, and internationally. The bad news? Not everyone successfully navigates the journey from concept to the bustling and profitable business initially envisioned.

    The number of obstacles business owners and growers face can seem truly insurmountable: finding funding, getting access to the right resources, hooking great talent (on a budget!), and building the right technology platform are just a few of the problems entrepreneurs find themselves challenged with.

  6. LiyuanWooHS-211x211
    by Managing Editor

    Study Shows Gender Diversity In Company Leadership Still Lagging

    By Blake Landau (Blogger, What’s Your Story)

    It’s official, the tech industry is a major laggard in gender diversity at the highest levels of the corporate ladder, at least according to an extensive study produced by the UC Davis Graduate School of Management pioneered by Research Specialist Amanda Kimball.

    I attended a panel of senior executives at Deloitte in downtown San Francisco last week. The event was co-produced with Watermark, a non-profit that aims to support women in leadership, for the purpose of discussing the results of the 2011 UC Davis report on California Women Business Leaders with alarming statistics