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  1. vv
    by Angie Chang

    Technical Project Management, Self-Learning Software Engineering And iOS Applications, Oh My

    I went into this class with some preconceptions about how an ideal project manager should act. I learned that the reality was more complicated.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    This semester, I took a Computer Science course at Duke called Apps: From Concept to Client. My three-member team worked on a native iPad application for Visualizing Venice, an interdisciplinary collaboration

  2. EnteringStartup
    by Angie Chang

    The Right Startup Culture For Me

    At startups with more female employees, Nerf battles, wrestling matches and beer guzzling are not the only ways to have fun at the office.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    During my summer internship in San Francisco, I began to seriously think about the startup culture that suits me best. I met with other students involved in my internship program on Wednesdays and we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of executives from technology companies in the Bay Area. Russell Glass, CEO of B2B marketing company Bizo, especially inspired me. I wondered why Bizo sounded like an exceptional place to work and other companies didn’t.

    Next spring, I will graduate from college and seek a full-time job in a tech startup in San Francisco. These are critical elements in a startup I want to work at and/or found:

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    by Angie Chang

    My First Hackathon: iOSDevCamp 2012

    While I didn’t have a clear output to show for my efforts, I made the complexity of the task apparent. I got to know the people working on projects in the same room. Most importantly, I became inspired to learn more about CSS3.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    I’m a rising senior at Duke majoring in Public Policy.

    I took my first Computer Science class this past spring and did web development over the summer for Y Combinator startup Jellyfish Art in San Francisco. This fall I’m taking a class on iOS development and another on web application development. I was hired as a part time web developer for Jellyfish Art for the upcoming school year. I will return to the Bay Area when I graduate.

    My first hackathon was iOSDevCamp at PayPal/Ebay headquarters on July 20-22, 2012.