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  1. General-Assembly
    by Angie Chang

    UX Design Scholarship Winner Wendy Fong Shares Her Inspiring Woman Entrepreneur: Catchafire’s Rachel Chong

    Wendy Fong (pictured) won a full scholarship to General Assembly’s UX Design course in San Francisco taking place this fall.

    By Danielle Barnes (Programming Producer, General Assembly)

    We are pleased to announce the recipient of General Assembly’s User Experience Design scholarship for Women 2.0 reader Wendy Fong.

    As a teacher, designer, and artist, Wendy has always considered her audience while processing and creating work.

  2. General-Assembly
    by Angie Chang

    UX Design Can’t Be An Afterthought

    Win a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for General Assembly’s User Experience Design Course – enter your email for a chance to win!

    By Christina Wodtke (Product Designer, Wodtke Consulting)

    Historically, designers in technology companies often feel like the only girl in the room. They were brought in late, more often than not and shown a ugly product and were asked to “make it pretty.” This sounded mighty familiar to some, who also heard in their personal life to “just sit there and look pretty.”

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    by Angie Chang

    Are You Asking The Wrong Startup Product/UX Questions?

    Some common questions about UX and how to get answers directly from users.

    By Laura Klein (Principal, Users Know)

    When I’m talking with startups, they frequently ask me all sorts of questions. I imagine that they’re probably really disappointed when I respond with a shrug.

    You see, frequently they’re asking entirely the wrong question. And, more importantly, they’re asking the wrong person.

    It is an unfortunate fact that many startups talk to people like me (or their investors or their advisors or “industry experts”) instead of talking to their users.

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    by Angie Chang

    On Building Measurable Design Into Your Startup (Lessons From Warm Gun, 500 Startups, Etsy, Instagram, Mint, The Designer Fund)

    By Tracy Osborn (Founder & Designer, WeddingLovely)

    Warm Gun, the design conference run by 500 Startups, was held last Friday in San Francisco. Dedicated to measurable design, Warm Gun advocates design that isn’t just pretty visuals. Instead, design should influence the user and convert visitors into loyal fans and paying customers.

    With over 20 speakers on two tracks, topics ranged from hiring designers, design tactics for your startup, measuring design using metrics, and the illusive unicorn — the multi-talented designer founder.