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  1. Girl on Mobile Smart Phone
    by Jordan Hunter

    Does Google Have the Solution to Tech’s Still Enormous Gender Gap?

    Google just released their workforce demographics, which revealed only 30 percent of their employees were women. Now the tech giant has a new $50 million initiative to close the gender gap.

  2. bucket-list
    by Angie Chang

    If I Had More Time… (Part 2)

    By Raissa Nebie (Co-Founder & CEO, Spoondate)

    A few months ago, I wrote a post enumerating a few things I would do if I had more time. Back then, I was 100% focused on work and launching a startup.

    Six months later, I’ve learned that maintaining balance is critical to happiness. Work and success are great, but a life without fun, family, friends, etc. sucks.

    I started to make room for simple pleasures, starting with taking a full day off per week, and it made a huge difference.