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  1. BoulderTechStars
    by Betsy Mikel

    TechStars + R/GA Accelerator Welcomes Women 2.0 Advisor Jenny Fielding as Managing Director

    The hardware / connected devices accelerator hopes to bring on more diverse founders in its next batch — which is now open for applications.

  2. techstars-officially-grows-up-adds-100-000-of-funding-for-every-startup-4f88f7bdb9
    by Jessica Stillman

    How We Got Into TechStars

    weeSpring’s co-founder explains what it took to get into über-competitive TechStars.

    By Allyson Downey (CEO & Co-founder, weeSpring)

    A year ago, when weeSpring was just an idea sketched out on a couple PowerPoint slides, a friend suggested we apply to this thing called TechStars – a world-class accelerator that helps startups get their rocketship off the launchpad.  The stats post-TechStars were impressive, to say the least: companies that have been through the program go on to raise an average of $1.5M in venture funding. The catch? Fewer than 1% of applicants are accepted. At the time, it felt like winning an Oscar might be easier.

    But we went for it anyway

  3. erikatrautman-flixmaster
    by Angie Chang

    FlixMaster CEO And Co-Founder Erika Trautman Secures $1.125M Seed Funding Led By Golden Seeds

    Before founding FlixMaster, Erika founded an Emmy-Winning production company and worked as a filmmaker.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    FlixMaster, a creative platform for enterprise online video, today announced raising $1.125 million in additional funding from a syndicate of investors led by New York-based Golden Seeds. Founded by CEO Erika Trautman, FlixMaster is a graduate of TechStars and Astia that makes online video an interactive experience.

  4. emily
    by Angie Chang

    Co-Founders Of Life: Foodzie

    People have said to us every bit of the way, “How can you work together?” “That’s kinda crazy.”

    By Emily Olson (Co-Founder, Foodzie – acquired by JOYUS)

    It was at our engagement party that my dad (with a cold Rolling Rock up in the air) said it best: “These two have done it all backwards. They moved in together, shared bank accounts, got a dog, bought a house and then decided to get engaged.”

    What he didn’t know then was we were about to make one more detour in our “backwards” plan.

  5. 193725282_f3e389168b_z
    by Angie Chang

    Top 5 Reasons Why Boston Is The Perfect Place To Start A Startup

    Don’t let anybody tell you that San Francisco and New York City are the only places you can start a business.

    By Shereen Shermak (Co-Founder, BuySide FX)

    In real estate, they say the most important things are location, location, and location. Location matters with startups, too.

    Here are 5 good reasons to start your business in Boston, written by a non-native Bostonian serial entrepreneur and investor.

  6. dsc5616
    by Angie Chang

    TechStars: Movin’ On Up!

    The last three months has condensed a very sharp learning curve into an incredibly short amount of time.

    By Paige Brown (Co-Founder & CEO, Dashbell)

    Where do I even begin? The last three months has been the most challenging, rewarding and of my life. It’s been almost four years since I decided to step off the ledge of entrepreneurship and I most certainly have not looked back since. One thing I love about startups is the constant challenge, the severe learning curve and the need to continue to push oneself further.

  7. 3351547231_b351a0a426_z
    by Angie Chang

    Entrepreneurs, Stop Sweeping It Under The Rug!

    As a startup CEO, I am constantly juggling more than I can possible keep in the air.

    By Paige Brown (Co-Founder & CEO, BookingMarkets)

    It hass been a wild and crazy ride so far at TechStars Boston – the learning curve is moving faster than I ever imagined. They keep us extremely busy with mentor meetings, workshops and sessions. We at BookingMarkets are pivoting, improving our existing business model and are on the track to something really amazing.

  8. digital-undivided-home-e1349735402237
    by Angie Chang

    Black Women In Tech? You Bet.

    FOCUS100 was the first time in history a conference united and celebrated black women technology entrepreneurs.

    By Zuhairah Scott Washington (Founder & CEO, Kahnoodle)

    I confess. When I first heard about FOCUS100, an event focused on black women in technology, I was a little skeptical. While I am always game to network with other women in the industry, I questioned how a conference focused on such a small segment of the tech community could yield big results for my business. Boy was I wrong!

  9. pbc
    by Angie Chang

    At Patriot Bootcamp, A Commitment To Social Causes And Going Beyond "Finding Tofu Cupcakes"

    What separated Patriot Bootcamp from all of the other Washington DC tech events that I have attended was that it sought to enlist a new source of talent — veteran leaders — into the startup community.

    By Katya Vasilaky (VP of Research & Strategy, TroopSwap)

    Technology’s greatest global contributions could be humanitarian, and this is something that can too often be forgotten in the first world. Foundations spawned from the success of technology-focused companies, such as the Gates Foundation, Google.org, Microsoft Research, and Nike Foundation, all sponsor studies

  10. business-plan-in-trash
    by Angie Chang

    "I’m On A Boat!" – The Rising Fleet Of Startup Incubators

    What’s next after a boat? With a goat? On a plane? On a train? In a tree? Seems like a lot of incubators if you ask me.

    By Lisa Suennen (Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Psilos Group)

    I was hanging out with Tom Rodgers of Cambia Health the other day and we were discussing the seemingly unrelenting trend of the formation of new technology incubators and accelerators, designed to help catapult the weird and wonderful ideas of entrepreneurs into actionable companies.

  11. 7ffec397481b52c38d0bd78dd2bd7680
    by Angie Chang

    Wantworthy, Co-Founded By CEO Lauren McDevitt, Raises $1M Seed Funding

    NYC-based Wantworthy graduates from TechStars, raises seed funding to accelerate product development.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Wantworthy announced raising $1M in seed funding, led by RRE Ventures, Google Ventures, Quotidian Ventures, and several NYC-area angels also participated.

    2011 NYC TechStars graduate Wantworthy aims to help you keep track of everything you want to buy, and is working on a feature to alert you when prices drop. Similar sites for social shopping/bookmarking include Pinterest and Wanelo.

    Co-Founder and CEO Lauren McDevitt is a

  12. IMG_3609
    by Angie Chang

    Exclusive Interview With TechStars NY’s Sonia Sahney Nagar

    Pickie co-founder Sonia Sahney Nagar talks about her digital-meets-retail startup Pickie in NY TechStars.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Women 2.0 talked to TechStars participant Sonia Sahney Nagar, a co-founder and CEO of a personalized shopping magazine for the iPad called Pickie. A former Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Booz & Co employee, Sonia pursued her passion for innovating at the intersection of digital and retail with Pickie in TechStars New York.

    Women 2.0: Congrats on demoing your startup Pickie at TechStars demo day last week! How did you hear about TechStars?

    Sonia Sahney Nagar: One of my co-founders, Ryan,

  13. 4655351538_8bf62c3255_z
    by Angie Chang

    TechStars And Kauffman FastTrac Announce Patriot Entrepreneurs Boot Camp This Summer In Washington D.C.

    There is a 30% unemployment rate for veterans between the ages of 18-24 years.

    By Michele Markey (VP, Kauffman FastTrac)

    For years, the men and women of the United States military have proudly stepped forward to defend the freedoms and liberties of our great nation. These brave souls put everything on the line to answer the call to duty, putting the safety of the country ahead of their own welfare, the needs and demands of serving ahead of their own personal priorities and timelines. They give freely where many others are unable or unwilling to sacrifice.

    As many of these brave soldiers return home and transition back to civilian life, an important consideration for them will be their career path. This is significant as

  14. team
    by Angie Chang

    How To Survive The "Trough Of Sorrow" As A Solo Non-Technical Startup Founder

    And then my co-founder and CTO in Julia Grace joined my startup. Having a co-founder is infinitely better!

    By Tracy Osborn (Founder, WeddingLovely)

    In the last year, I’ve gone from building a random side project (after finding a co-founder ultimately failed), to running a revenue-generating company which just finished the F11 batch of 500 Startups.

    I’ve done all of this as a solo female designer first-time entrepreneur. I’m building WeddingLovely, dedicated to making wedding planning easier and supporting independent wedding vendors.

    Looking back on the last year, there are several big things that directly contributed to the success I’ve had thus far. Before I dive into my story, I’d like to note that having a co-founder is better