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    by Angie Chang

    Moving To Silicon Valley Helped Suzanne Xie Sell Weardrobe

    By Jay Gould (Founder, FoundVille)

    In this interview, Suzanne Xie, Co-Founder of Lollihop, a subscription business that curates healthy snacks for subscribers, discusses what motivates her as a founder, the ah-ha moment for Lollihop, as well as her previous startup Weardrobe, which she sold to Like.com, which was then sold to Google.

    At nine minutes into the video, Suzanne also tells us how luck

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    by Angie Chang

    From Finance to Fashion (and Acquisition) and Now… Food!

    By Suzanne Xie (Co-Founder & CEO, Lollihop)

    I got the idea for my first company, Weardrobe, in college when I developed an obsession with spreadsheets and tracking my closet for purposes of efficiency. It wasn’t much of a surprise when I joined the world of finance after college to work with Excel some more. After a year at Goldman Sachs, I had some extra time after-hours, and the spreadsheet seemed like a fun project to pick back up.

    We originally started Weardrobe to give girls a virtual closet, similar to the one Cher had in the movie Clueless. In less than a month, we created a functioning site