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    by Angie Chang

    Technical Project Management, Self-Learning Software Engineering And iOS Applications, Oh My

    I went into this class with some preconceptions about how an ideal project manager should act. I learned that the reality was more complicated.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    This semester, I took a Computer Science course at Duke called Apps: From Concept to Client. My three-member team worked on a native iPad application for Visualizing Venice, an interdisciplinary collaboration

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Become A Femgineer (Infographic: MOOC)

    ’bout time a girl founded the next Facebook/Google/Apple.

    By Frances Advincula (Software Engineer, Accenture)

    What I love most about being an engineer is at the end of the day, I am helping build a product, something tangible and measurable. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that right now, everyone wants to learn how to program, since the tech industry is currently so hot and well, it’s now cool to be a geek. To top it off, I’m sure you’ve noticed how everyone wants to hire top-notch engineers.

  4. EnteringStartup
    by Angie Chang

    The Right Startup Culture For Me

    At startups with more female employees, Nerf battles, wrestling matches and beer guzzling are not the only ways to have fun at the office.

    By Veronica Ray (Senior, Duke University)

    During my summer internship in San Francisco, I began to seriously think about the startup culture that suits me best. I met with other students involved in my internship program on Wednesdays and we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of executives from technology companies in the Bay Area. Russell Glass, CEO of B2B marketing company Bizo, especially inspired me. I wondered why Bizo sounded like an exceptional place to work and other companies didn’t.

    Next spring, I will graduate from college and seek a full-time job in a tech startup in San Francisco. These are critical elements in a startup I want to work at and/or found:

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    by Angie Chang

    4 Hacks To Learning To Be A Hacker, "A Python Ate Me!" & More

    Programming is by no means an individual pilgrimage; seeing what others are working on and helping/getting help from others can make learning much more fun and rewarding.

    By Michelle Sun (Student, Hackbright Academy)

    It’s the beginning of Hackbright Academy, working on Python.

    There has been ups and downs, some days (and nights) of pure nightmares, literally (quoting one of my classmates, “I dreamed that a python ate me last night”!), and some days of awesome state of “flow”, when hours seem to fly by and lots get done.

    I begin to realize I am approaching this 10-week course less as a syntax crash course, more of a training of the mind. Many hackers eventually build in other languages, but mastering

  6. imposter bunny
    by Angie Chang

    The Imposter Syndrome And Knowing What You Don’t Know

    An accurate understanding of your own knowledge is what helps you grow and learn.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    I really have never thought I had Imposter Syndrome. I’m not a shrinking voilet, tend to talk pretty authoritatively, am confident, like to speak in public, etc. Yet, I joined a mailing list for women-techs and during discussions this term came up. I looked it up, and started locating this behavior in a few of my interactions.

    Imposter Syndrome is the feeling of inauthenticity, that you will be “found out” – that you don’t belong, and that everyone has reached some basic level of knowledge or performance that you haven’t. The feeling that your accomplishments

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    by Angie Chang

    Why There Are No Women On Stack Overflow… Or Are There?

    During the hackathon, we’re constantly evaluating whether “it’s worth it” on any given problem.

    By Anna Billstrom (iOS & Facebook App Developer, Self)

    For a long time, I used Stack Overflow as a reference for error messages while programming. You can search for your error and find a lovely discussion of fixes, problems, etc.

    I joined a year ago, but got some grief and didn’t login in again for a year. I had run into a very difficult bug and posted it (Facebook deep linking on Android emulator). A guy answered in four minutes and helped me troubleshoot – there was no clear answer but I was grateful for a sane head and new set of eyes.

    Full of good karma, I decided to give back.

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    by Angie Chang

    What Facebook’s IPO Means For Women

    By Penelope Trunk (Co-Founder, Brazen Careerist)

    I’m afraid that what the Facebook IPO means for women is nothing. Sandberg is not a role model. She’s an aberration.

    You can’t have small kids and a startup if you want to see their kids. I wrote about this on TechCrunch and I got skewered for being bad for women and being a downer in general.

    But this week Jeff Atwood wrote in TechCrunch that he’s leaving his startup because it’s impossible to see his kids if he stays. And I don’t see anyone complaining about his declaration.