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    by Angie Chang

    Juggling A Full-Time Job And A Startup (Hint – It’s Not Easy)

    By Brittany Haas (Co-Founder, Something Borrowed NY)

    I am miserable since I’m missing out on the #wefestival going on right now. I was accepted…and elated! What a wonderful opportunity to learn from my idols and meet with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

    Unfortunately, I’m heading off to Paris on Friday with my full-time company for market. We’ve been swamped here (…we’re talking 9am-1am days swamped) and it would be totally irresponsible of me to take off a day, just two days before we jump on a plane and have 2 full on crazy, busy weeks.

    Enter the boo/hisses here… I know… nobody feels bad

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    by Angie Chang

    How I Started Something Borrowed NY Without A Technical Co-Founder (And Why I Want One Now)

    By Brittany Haas (Co-Founder, Something Borrowed NY)

    It all started with four sisters. Being the youngest, I watched my older sisters struggle with buying a dress that cost them more than one month’s rent. Beyond the heartbreak of spending that much on one item, it can only be worn once, and you need to find space to store it in your 400 sq ft apartment.

    Hence Something Borrowed NY was born. We wanted to rent designer bridal gowns from a store in NYC to brides like us; ones who loved high fashion, hated the price tag, and didn’t value the possession of a one-time wear item.