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    by Angie Chang

    Female Founders To Watch Creating Noteworthy iPhone Apps

    Meet 5 women who created amazing apps for the Apple app store.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    As Leah Busque reminds us, you can skip the line at the Apple store by using her TaskRabbit iPhone app to summon a TaskRabbit to stand in line for your new iPhone 5.

    Here at Women 2.0, we thought about the variety of ways women have successfully built on Apple’s success over the years, from creating viral games and useful apps

  2. seeds
    by Angie Chang

    Help Fund Seeds, A Microlending Game Benefiting Women Entrepreneurs In Nairobi

    Seeds is raising funds to make “Farmville meets Kiva” a reality.

    By Rachel Cook (Founder & CEO, Seeds)

    Spending a night in a Nairobi prison helped me understand Kenya’s need for microlending better than ever.

    While sitting inside a cab doing nothing at all illegal, an American friend and I were overtaken by four armed men in plainclothes at gunpoint, two of whom then told us to get back in the car and drove us away. We thought we were being kidnapped, but the men turned out

  3. seeds-infographic
    by Angie Chang

    Seeds: A Microlending Game Where Farmville Meets Kiva

    You don’t have to search for long to see examples of game designers focusing their talents on games that do social good.

    By Ariel Schwartz (Senior Editor, Co.Exist)

    WeTopia, a popular Farmville-style Facebook game that lets users send donations to nonprofits around the world. But the newest game for good – Seeds – has a microlending twist.

    Created by a team that includes award-winning game designer Brad Wiggins and Amanda Wixted, the former Tech Lead