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    by Angie Chang

    The .CO Movement: Starting Up At Rana.co, Luxr.co, Tailored.co

    By Lori Anne Wardi (Vice President, .CO)

    I joined the .CO team way back in 2008, when we were putting together the bid to win the right to launch the .CO domain globally. Our little startup won the right to administer .CO in 2009, beating out industry giants like Verisign, which runs the .com and .net domain extensions. What a great coup! I was passionate about our mission from the very start – and continue to be so to this day.

    So what is .CO? Some call it a “domain name” or a “web address,” others use more technical terms like “extension”, “url” or “TLD”. But to a growing community of the world’s most creative and

  2. 500
    by Managing Editor

    Zombies Invade 500 Accelerator, Hungry For BRAAAAAAAAINS

    By Christine Tsai (Partner, 500 Startups)

    In recent weeks, residents of this quiet suburb have reported strange activity concentrated in the downtown area of Castro Street. There have been numerous sightings of zombies lumbering up and down Castro, mouths agape, in search of three things.

    Noted by many Castro St business owners, they hear only these words over and over: “BRAAAAAAAINS. CUUUUUUUUUSTOMERS. MOOOOOOOOONEY.”

    Extreme caution should be heeded. The 12th