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    by Angie Chang

    Crowdsourcing Empowers Answer Underground App For Improved College Learning

    Our college-aged children are addicted to their mobile phones. They text thousands of times monthly, and even surf their devices to look up information during class.

    By Sallie Severns (Founder, Answer Underground)

    Let’s face this cell phone addiction. It’s not going away. We must harvest it to empower students to better their grades – by providing students free homework help regardless of location or economic situation.

    That’s why this spring I launched the Answer Underground iPhone app, a powerful crowdsourcing tool that literally puts fellow students and professors in one’s hip pocket. Answer Underground is based on the idea that collaboration is fundamental to the learning experience. And the metrics

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    by Angie Chang

    When Looking For New Business Ideas, Don’t Overlook Your Family

    “The more students I talked with, the more I realized a very clear need for the kind of app I had in mind.”

    By Sallie Severns (Founder, Answer Underground)

    Women are often thought of as the great communicators, from business to family – and sometimes those two worlds collide with amazing results.

    For many years, I have been an advocate of the underserved education market. Six months ago, my teenage son was working on a complicated science project for school. I watched his frustration grow as he scoured the web, looking for relevant information to aid in his project. He looked through websites, videos, charts, but, short of going to a university library, he wasn’t able to find