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  1. SXSW-PanelPicker
    by Angie Chang

    "Women Unfiltered" – 2013 SXSW Panel Picker Submission

    Living the dream and sharing the reality – get unfiltered advice from women in charge.

    By Rudina Seseri (Partner, Fairhaven Capital)

    I am looking forward to a substantive panel and to a healthy discussion, which addresses not only the issue of how women in the tech ecosystem approach their careers, but also how the evolution of digital media has created new opportunities for the advancement of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.

    The panel is titled “Women Unfiltered” and provides unfiltered advice from women in charge – exploring topics ranging from career advice to personal stories of challenge and achievement from these three female executives (a Fortune 500 Vice President, a Partner in a Venture Capital firm, and an Agency President) who