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  1. MinimumViableProduct
    by Angie Chang

    The Minimum Viable Startup (October 10 In Palo Alto)

    Generate your business model hypothesis and validate your idea on October 10 in Palo Alto – Women 2.0 members save 50% on tickets with discount code “Women20oct”.

    By Roger Rappoport (Founder, StartUp Info & Partner, Procopio)

    The startup world has developed a vernacular of its own which, for those of us whose daily lives are spent immersed in startups, seems like a first, rather, than second language. However, to friends, family and the uninitiated, we might sound as though we are talking as if from the real, rather than proverbial, Mars and Venus!

  2. MinimumViableProduct
    by Angie Chang

    Partner Event: Minimum Viable Startup (October 10 In Palo Alto)

    Generate your business model hypothesis and validate.

    The Minimum Viable Startup (MVS) on October 10, 2012 in Palo Alto is a custom all-day event to help entrepreneurs take the leap from viable product to viable startup and, along the way, avoid the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs, which invariably leads to the same result – less upside for the founders on exit.

    Women 2.0 members save 50% with discount code “W20oct” when you register here.

    by Angie Chang

    Procopio To Host Startup Boot Camp On June 13 In Palo Alto

    Procopio’s Emerging Growth and Tech practice group is hosting an all day Startup Boot camp on June 13.

    By Roger Rappoport (Founder, StartUp Info & Partner, Procopio)

    Friday, May 4 2012 was a huge day for the female tech community in America’s Finest City. Women 2.0 officially launched in San Diego, as a result of the hard work and dedication of a number of people, including Sepideh Nasiri and the team at Women 2.0, hosts Mel Gordon (co-founder and CEO of Tap Hunter) and Adriana Herrera (founder and CEO of Fashioning Change), and Valerie Sanderson, Manager of Corporate Programs and Events at Procopio, and her staff.

    Picture a perfect setting – the large conference room on the 22nd floor of Procopio’s downtown San Diego offices, which

  4. Colored Pencils By jDevaun
    by Angie Chang

    The Art Of The Startup (May 3 In Menlo Park)

    First-time entrepreneurs will benefit from the event “The Art Of The Startup” on May 3 in Palo Alto.

    By Roger Rappoport (Founder, StartUp Info & Partner, Procopio)

    For entrepreneurs, deciding to form a company or become involved with a startup presents enormous challenges. Navigating around legal, fund raising and other issues can often seem overwhelming, and traps for the unwary or uninformed are numerous.

    However, successfully avoiding the most common pitfalls can make a significant difference as to whether or not a company is fundable, the sources and types of capital that will be attracted, who controls the company, the economic impact on founders upon exit, and a company’s likelihood of success.

    by Angie Chang

    Man (And Then Procopio) Gets Women (2.0)

    Women 2.0 supporter Procopio in San Diego sponsors and hosts the May 4 Founder Friday Launch!

    By Roger Rappoport (Founder, StartUp Info & Partner, Procopio)

    Although not scheduled to be in Silicon Valley on Valentine’s Day 2012, a confluence of events prompted me to rearrange my schedule and fly to the Bay Area for the Women 2.0 PITCH Conference, and I am so glad that I did! I experienced a lot that day, which you can read about in my blog “Man Gets Women 2.0: 4 Lessons Learned From Women 2.0: PITCH 2012 Conference.”

    As a result of my attendance, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch, LLP (the law firm at which I am a partner and leader of the firm’s Emerging Growth & Technology practice), decided to sponsor Founder Friday in Silicon Valley, and become a sponsor