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    by Angie Chang

    Why Weightlifting Is Like Entrepreneurship

    Remaining at a steady state renders impossible the ability to advance and grow stronger, in either body or career.

    By Julie Zhou (Growthmaster, Hipmunk)

    Do you spend your time at the gym on cardio machines? Stop right now and get into the weight room. Push yourself, get stronger and don’t bat an eye at the skewed gender ratio.

    Here’s my story – in November of 2011, I decided to leave Google and join a tiny startup. The immediate

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    by Angie Chang

    You Can’t Plan When Entrepreneurship Will Fit In

    We had five amazing women lead teams slated to be in the Spring 2013 class, more than we’ve ever had, then one by one they started to drop or defer like flies. It struck me that the male participants, many of whom had the same conflicts and decisions to make, took the risk and leveraged the opportunity.

    By Angela Benton (Founder & CEO, NewME Accelerator)

    The topic of women “leaning in” regarding their careers has been a hot topic as of late. A lot of really good articles have been written about this issue in general, and as a woman and a mother, I relate

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Women Tech Execs Can And Must Thrive On Risk

    “No risk, no reward,” goes the old adage. It’s important to stretch one’s boundaries, try something new, perhaps fail, but learn, and move on.

    By Shellye Archambeau (CEO, MetricStream)

    The stereotypical image of women as risk avoiders is changing fast. More women are occupying the boardroom, making important strategic decisions, and taking on high-risk responsibilities as CEOs, CFOs, and even chief risk officers.

    As a woman who worked her way up to various executive roles, and now as the CEO of a governance, risk, and compliance

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    by Angie Chang

    Risky Business

    “You must take the risk off the table. Each day, you must take just a bit more, mount it on your back and bear its weight until it just can’t fight you. ntil the risk stops doubting. Until you beat it.”

    By Nayia Moysidis (Founder, Writer’s Bloq)

    People discuss startupland as though it is mythical. They discuss creation as though it is the elusive Aphrodite. They wish for her, long for her, describe her beauty, desperately wish to see her just once. They discuss every detail of how they would pursue her, what they would do to seek her, how they would approach every step towards her, why they deserve to be the one who wins her.

    And then they do nothing. There’s something so attractive about possibility, something so simple about the thought what could be. All the glory and none of the pain. All the sizzle and none of the burn.

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    by Angie Chang

    7 Steps Toward Finding Your Niche – And Daring To Risk

    How to launch your strategy for taking the right risk.

    By Wandia Chiuri (Social Media Enterprise Architect, Wandia.info)

    With the recent Facebook pie-in-your-face IPO still ringing in our ears, it might be wise to dwell on what constitutes taking the “right risk” for you. Like it or not, risk taking will always be an inesapable part of our everyday lives. Whether you are changing jobs, investing, or beginning a new relationship you will ultimately be confronted with some risk. But here’s the kicker question: How do we know if the risk is right for you?

    In a recent interview, Robert Michael Fried, best selling author of Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion, offered “the risk is right when it will help you close the disparity or gap between who you are and where you want to go.

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    by Angie Chang

    Minimizing Risk In Entrepreneurship: Pattern Recognition, Iteration

    Risk minimization leverages pattern recognition, pattern iteration and pattern replication.

    By Larry Chiang (CEO, Duck9 & Stanford University EIR)

    I have this theory that risk can be nearly eliminated.

    I mentor academically smart female engineers to also be street smart. Street smart used to imply shady.

    In this Women 2.0 blog post, it means compression of massive experience via pattern recognition that leads to pattern replication and pattern iteration.

    Every street smart maneuver you have heard me do

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    by Angie Chang

    The Label Or The Characteristic: CEOs And Marriage (Stereotypes)

    The problem with looking at a demographic label rather than a person’s individual characteristics.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    This headline caught my eye last week: “The Marriage Plot: Single CEOs Make for Riskier Investments”.

    The CNNMoney article summarized a study conducted by two Wharton professors and released by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

    The study tracked 1500 public companies and found that the stocks of companies headed by executives who are single are riskier than shares of companies run by married CEOs:

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    by Angie Chang

    The $100,000 Chris Rock Story (Risk, Meet Reward)

    By Ramit Sethi (Author, I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

    Telling a story about Chris Rock helped me earn over $100,000 in scholarship money to attend college. During senior year of high school, my parents — immigrants who raised four kids and didn’t have money to send us to college — encouraged us to apply to every scholarship we could find.

    Since I’m a big weirdo, I built a system that allowed me to apply to over 60 scholarships in a few weeks (I’ve detailed parts of the system I used to get so many college scholarships).

    The largest scholarship I received had an extensive

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    by Angie Chang

    How To Change Your Perception Of Risk

    By Rajashree Karwa (Co-Founder, Velvet Aroma)

    It’s that time of the year again. Yes, it’s time to come up with New Year’s resolutions!

    As a fellow entrepreneurial woman I would like to suggest one, that if truly embraced, should take your career to new heights.

    Make a small shift in the way you perceive risk.

    “Take risk and you will reap rewards.” We’ve all heard some version of this saying. We’ve all been told that as women, we need to start taking more risk in our careers. Some even say that

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Women Have To Work Harder To Build Successful Startups

    By Julia Hu (Founder & CEO, LARK)

    Much of business involves emotionally connecting with your audience. That’s why women build companies that emotionally connect with consumers: Much of consumerism is driven by women.

    But the “audience” when you’re raising a round of VC funding is, well, men. Women can’t possibly emotionally connect with men as well as other men can. That’s probably why female VCs fund women-led companies more.

    If the VC and angel communities achieve more gender balance, you’d see more female-led companies VC funded.

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    by Angie Chang

    Disrupt Yourself: Throw Out Your Current Performance Metrics

    By Whitney Johnson (Founding Partner, Rose Park Advisors)

    Notwithstanding the considerable career and financial (I am the primary breadwinner) risks involved, it was time to leave my comfortable perch and become an entrepreneur. Time to disrupt myself. We typically define disruption as a low-end product or service that eventually upends an industry. But I’ve found that the rules of disruption apply to the individual too. Or as thought leader Jennifer Sertl writes, “innovation ultimately begins on the inside.”

    Six years into my mid-career move, here are some lessons learned from my personal disruptive trajectory: