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  1. risk-miscalculation
    by Angie Chang

    Why Women Tech Execs Can And Must Thrive On Risk

    “No risk, no reward,” goes the old adage. It’s important to stretch one’s boundaries, try something new, perhaps fail, but learn, and move on.

    By Shellye Archambeau (CEO, MetricStream)

    The stereotypical image of women as risk avoiders is changing fast. More women are occupying the boardroom, making important strategic decisions, and taking on high-risk responsibilities as CEOs, CFOs, and even chief risk officers.

    As a woman who worked her way up to various executive roles, and now as the CEO of a governance, risk, and compliance

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    by Angie Chang

    From Your "Forty-Godmother" – Here Are 3 Tips For A 20-Something

    This week’s 3 tips from one generation to another – from your “Forty-Godmother.”

    By Christina Vuleta (Founder, 40:20)

    Women in their forties today are part of the first wave of women to grow up with more choices. We have seen the consequences of delaying marriage, fore-going childbirth or following an unexpected career path in large numbers. And while we all have made different decisions, what we all have in common by the time we hit our forties is the comfort of finally making decisions that are right for us.

    We feel stronger, sexier and smarter than ever. We may still have shit happen to us, but we now know “shit happens” and we have a whole vault of experiences and strength to

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    by Angie Chang

    Risky Business

    “You must take the risk off the table. Each day, you must take just a bit more, mount it on your back and bear its weight until it just can’t fight you. ntil the risk stops doubting. Until you beat it.”

    By Nayia Moysidis (Founder, Writer’s Bloq)

    People discuss startupland as though it is mythical. They discuss creation as though it is the elusive Aphrodite. They wish for her, long for her, describe her beauty, desperately wish to see her just once. They discuss every detail of how they would pursue her, what they would do to seek her, how they would approach every step towards her, why they deserve to be the one who wins her.

    And then they do nothing. There’s something so attractive about possibility, something so simple about the thought what could be. All the glory and none of the pain. All the sizzle and none of the burn.

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    by Angie Chang

    The Dark Side of Girls’ Success In School

    To blaze a trail, you need to know how to experiment with your ideas when they are messy and imperfect.

    By Tara Sophia Mohr (Founder & Principal, Wise Living)

    You were so good at school. A smartie. You wrote great papers that the teachers marked with A’s. You knew how to study for a test. You were a diligent, hard-working, careful, successful student. And you are (quietly) proud of that.

    Now you want to thrive at work. You’ve got castles to build, ideas to realize, contributions you’d like to make.

    But you are noticing something odd: the toolkit that kept you winning at school isn’t helping you win at work. All the rigor, the care, the work ethic? That was fine for the worker-bee stage

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    by Angie Chang

    Isn’t It Better to Have a Life of “Oh Well’s” Than “What If’s”?

    By Renee Blodgett (Blogger, Down the Avenue)

    Clearly I don’t get to New York often enough, by now I would have met writer and products guru Maya Baratz, who is currently working on new products at The Wall Street Journal.

    She started out by asking the nearly all women audience at WITI (Women in Technology International)“How many of you are still waiting for your mentor? How many of you spend your time trying to prove someone wrong?”

    Mentors were a common thread throughout her talk.