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    by Jessica Stillman

    SEC Says Yes to Some Crowdfunding Platforms

    Legal uncertainty has hung over crowdfunding but now letters from the SEC have lifted this cloud of doubt from several platforms.

    By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

    Crowdfunding may have been exciting entrepreneurs for awhile, but whether the idea would be as appealing to regulators has been an open question. Now the SEC has given the green light to two platforms, lifting doubt and firing the starting gun on further crowdfunding innovation.

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    by Jessica Stillman

    Meet the Women of Y Combinator

    The fact that 10% of founders presenting at this week’s YC Demo Day are women might not sound like a victory, but it’s actually more than double the percentage in previous classes.

    By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

    This week 47 startups presented at Y Combinator Demo Day. How many of the founders up there in front of investors were women? Nope, not half, not even close. Try one in ten. We have a way to go, but 10% female is still an improvement given that previous classes managed only a measly 4%.

    Y Combinator partner Jessica Livingston told TechCrunch the increase wasn’t down to any particular effort on the part of the accelerator, but simply reflects the fact that more talented women are applying.

  3. Danielle Morrill
    by Angie Chang

    CEO Danielle Morrill Raises $1 Million In Seed Funding For Referly

    Congrats to CEO Danielle Morrill for raising funding for Referly, an easy way for people to earn affiliate revenue for recommendations.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    “Funding is not actually success. Success is being cash-flow positive, especially if you’re in a transaction-based business,” co-founder and CEO Danielle Morrill said. Today, Referly announced raising a $1 million seed round from investors including New Enterprise Associates, Ignition Partners, 500 Startups, Jeff Lawson,

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    by Angie Chang

    Distribution Hacks: Who Owns The Website – And Why

    With processes like Scrum and Kanban requiring more cross-team coordination of projects, engineering is getting a chance to weigh in on design much earlier when their feedback can be considered and not tossed aside as an 11th hour insight.

    By Danielle Morrill (Co-Founder & CEO, Referly)

    “Print out every single page of your website and tape it all up on a huge wall in your office or lay it out on the floor. Bring together key stakeholders from every department in your company and give them post-it notes. Ask them to place a post it on every page that drives a business outcome they feel/are responsible for.

    Historically, engineers have owned the company’s website and everything on it. Other teams like marketing, sales and customer support could produce content, but software developers were the gateway through which all content eventually had to pass.

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    by Angie Chang

    Got 99 Competitors And Bit.ly Is One

    “You refer stuff, you earn rewards. No shenanigans (Hat tip: Twilio).”

    By Danielle Morrill (Co-Founder & CEO, Referly)

    When you launch a company, suddenly everyone is a competitor, or so it feels.

    Then you realize everyone you thought was a competitor might also be a partner at best, and a distraction at worst. Next you realize your idea is changing so rapidly, fueled by customer feedback and sleepless nights hacking on new features or just eating your own dogfood, that you aren’t totally sure how you fit with anyone anymore.

    TechCrunch wrote that my company Referly is making gains against Bit.ly after their recent redesign stumble. We saw