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    by Angie Chang

    PITCH NYC 2012: DailyWorth CEO Amanda Steinberg Talks Marketing, Growth Hacking And Building 6 Companies

    Live from PITCH NYC 2012 Conference & Competition –

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    At the 2012 PITCH NYC Conference, DailyWorth CEO and founder Amanda Steinberg talks from her experience of building over 200 websites. DailyWorth is her sixth business and she aimed to share tips with the audience at Women 2.0

    “The most important lesson I learned is that as CEOs and founders, we make things too complicated,” said DailyWorth’s Amanda Steinberg.

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    by Angie Chang

    The $100,000 Chris Rock Story (Risk, Meet Reward)

    By Ramit Sethi (Author, I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

    Telling a story about Chris Rock helped me earn over $100,000 in scholarship money to attend college. During senior year of high school, my parents — immigrants who raised four kids and didn’t have money to send us to college — encouraged us to apply to every scholarship we could find.

    Since I’m a big weirdo, I built a system that allowed me to apply to over 60 scholarships in a few weeks (I’ve detailed parts of the system I used to get so many college scholarships).

    The largest scholarship I received had an extensive

  3. Zynga
    by Angie Chang

    The Zynga Method Of Market Testing (“Ghetto Testing”)

    By Ramit Sethi (Author, I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

    One of the things you learn in my course on the best ways to make money on the side is how to fail fast and test things rapidly.

    Compare this to people who say things like, “Yeah… I need to get my website up… so in a few months, once that’s done, I’m gonna try to get some clients.”

    You may not know this, but I keep a bag in my pocket to vomit in when I hear this. It comes in surprisingly handy.

    One of the deadliest traps entrepreneurs fall into