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    by Jessica Schimm

    Bringing up Baby – and a Startup!

    I tried to get some programming done while Oskar was sleeping and scheduled times with my husband so I would have a couple of hours for SpeedSpiration every now and then. It worked pretty well.

    By Diana Kondel (Co-founder, SpeedSpiration)

    When I was pregnant last year, I knew that I would have six weeks of paid parental leave before delivery (and more afterwards, though I would obviously be a bit distracted.) I know this is an unlikely scenario in the United States, but in Germany I looked at these subsidized six weeks as time to prepare for the baby – and work on my own projects. Awesome!

    In order to find others to work with, I attended the Startup Weekend in Hamburg.

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    by Angie Chang

    Pregnant, Pitching and Winning: The Secret Pregnant Founder

    Pregnant. That was my big secret when I was pitching (and winning :)) at Women 2.0 a year ago. Not only am I a female founder, I’ve also led my startup while becoming a mom at the same time.

    By Melissa Miranda (Founder, Tiny Post)

    I wish we didn’t have to have this debate so I could be working instead of writing my story. I wish there wasn’t any bias in Silicon Valley. I wish I didn’t have to think carefully about how I could write this

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    by Angie Chang

    Ms. Sankar Goes To Washington

    On practicing her startup pitch and meeting the Vice President of the United States.

    By Pooja Sankar (Founder & CEO, Piazza)

    Vice President Biden, Pooja Sankar, Dr. BidenAt first I thought it was a phishing scam.

    I received an email with an image attachment inviting me to meet the Vice President and his wife Dr. Jill Biden at a reception at their official residence in Washington, DC. All I needed to do was RSVP with my social security number. Hah! What kind of idiot falls for that?

    But whoever put this together had done a nice job on the invitation, which looked very professional and contained none of the usual misspellings. So I showed it to