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    by Angie Chang

    Startup Quote: Leah Culver on Building an MVP (Lean Startup)

    “Learn not to add too many features right away, and get the core idea built and tested.”
    — Leah Culver (Co-Founder & CEO, Convore)

    Leah Culver is a Django developer and serial entrepreneur in San Francisco. Her first venture Pownce was acquired in 2008 by Six Apart. Currently, she is now working on her second startup Convore, which she incubated in Y Combinator earlier this year.

    She is on the frontpage of StartupQuote today!

    Leah shares her startup lessons learned from Pownce and Convore.

  3. leah_post
    by Angie Chang

    3 Startup Lessons Learned from Convore’s Leah Culver

    By Leah Culver (Founder & CEO, Convore)

    For my second startup Convore, I applied to Y Combinator because I wanted to be part of their alumni network. It’s a great way to test out a product — with thousands of Y Combinator alumni. Convore was accepted and part of the Winter 2011 group.

    My motivations now are very different than when I just started doing startups. I’m not in startups for the money — there are a lot better things to make money on.

    The reason I am doing startups personally is