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    by Angie Chang

    Treasure Hunt on the Path to Success

    In a recent interview about women entrepreneurship, Linda Alepin, Founding Director of Global Women’s Leadership Network and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, pointed to women leaders’ ability to take risks and to transform their roles from doers to enablers as the keys to growing their businesses beyond the $500,000 threshold.

    By Nancy Lin (Founder & Host, Business Reinvention)

    When I was a first grader, I used to walk to school by myself. It was a time when it was still safe for kids to walk around the neighborhood on their own. Every day after school, I navigated through winding alleys, finding new routes to get home. It was sort of an urban expedition for a little kid. One day I was so lost I almost didn’t make it home. Then there was another day when I got bit by a dog. But most of the time, I had a chance to explore and be curious, and I managed to find my way home.