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    by Angie Chang

    The Founder Institute Seeks Female Founders, Offers Fellowships

    Founder Institute’s Female Founder Fellowship program increased 30% female graduates globally.

    By Jonathan Greechan (Partner, The Founder Institute)

    Last year, we unveiled a new program – Female Founder Fellowship (FFF) – in an effort to grow the number of female technology founders by providing free course fees for our best female applicants.

    At the time, 16% of our graduates were female, and our stated goal was to double that number and ultimately graduate 175 female-led companies a year.

    The FFF program helped spur a 30% increase in female graduates globally in just a few months time.

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    by Angie Chang

    Denver Mobile Startup Zebra Minds’ Lessons Learned

    By Oza Klanjsek (Founder, Zebra Minds)

    Since I was a little girl, I was taught by my parents that I can be whatever I want to be. My parents never stereotyped me. And when I asked my mom for one piece of advice she said, “Do NOT get easily discouraged.” Those words stay with me.

    From Software Engineer to Startup Founder

    Fast forward 30+ years and 5 different countries and languages, I signed up for the Denver 2010 Founder Institute startup accelerator program.

    Before I entered the program, I knew a lot about mobile devices, programming, Java, but very little about Delaware-C corporations, cap table, term sheet, hiring, firing, PR or marketing.

    The program pressured me to do all the key requirements of the startup, not just the ones I was comfortable with. It gave me input to numerous other companies and great networking opportunities with the founders and recognized mentors.

    Shortly after, ZebraMinds was incorporated with the vision of delivering educational content onto mobile devices. We created a framework to transfer quality children’s picture books to digital media and create games around the stories. The framework provides children’s book authors the ability to turn their books into mobile applications.

    ZebraMind founder Oza Klanjsek is hosting Founder Friday Denver on June 3, 2011.

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    by Angie Chang

    Founder Friday Denver on June 3

    Founder Friday is a Women 2.0 networking event.

    Calling Denver entrepreneurs! Network with fellow Women 2.0 founders, aspiring and current, over drinks and bites at WorkBrite on Friday night. Afterward, we invite you to stay for Denver Startup Weekend.

    Women 2.0 Founder Friday Mixer on June 3 in Denver before Startup Weekend!

    Oza Klanjsek (Founder & Developer, ZebraMinds) will be your Founder Friday host on Friday, June 3, 2011 @ 5pm at WorkBrite in Denver, CO.


    Please RSVP here for Women 2.0 Founder Friday in Denver on June 3.The $10 ticket covers wine and appetizers with fellow female founders before Startup Weekend. Hope to see you there!