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    by Angie Chang

    6 Tips For Outsourcing Game Development (No CS Degree, No Problem)

    As a non-technical sole founder, outsourcing development enabled me to stop waiting and act immediately to bring my game to life. Here are some lessons I learned working with contractors while building my game.

    By Stephanie Cheng (Founder, Seesaw Games)

    Working with outsourced developers can be a mixed bag. On one hand, it enables you to start product development right away without having to learn code or bring in a technical cofounder.

    On the other hand, misstep can be a waste of time and money, not to mention nail-bitingly stressful.

    Depending on where you are in your process, outsourcing may be a quick and cost efficient way to get the ball rolling on a functional first version.

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    by Angie Chang

    5 Ways To Achieve Work-Life Balance (Hint: Outsource Errands)

    From Laundry Locker to TaskRabbit, you can outsource as many trivial tasks as possible.

    By Becky Cruze (Co-Founder, BeCouply)

    Today, women have the opportunity to have it all: a high-powered career, fulfilling relationship, children and the HGTV-worthy home.

    So what’s the problem? “Having it all” is much easier said than done. Sure, it might be possible to have the career, family and life you always wanted, but how do you juggle everything on your plate without losing your mind?

    As the co-founder of BeCouply, a San Francisco-based startup that helps couples have epic social lives, I understand the struggle to find work-life balance.

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    by Angie Chang

    TaskRabbit: Helping Women Build Companies Since 2008

    By Leah Busque (Founder, TaskRabbit)

    Editor’s note: You can nominate Leah Busque for the Founder of the Year 2011 thru December 13!

    I recently read an article about the work/ life balance of successful women. In it, there was a stat about the percent of highly successful women who actually do their own grocery shopping. While the actual percentage escapes me, the number was extremely low. Not surprising! It’s necessary (and a real skill) to acknowledge where your time is best spent and make conscious decisions to focus on those areas.

    Time is our most limited resource and knowing how to maximize it is imperative. To achieve the highest productivity and well-being for you (and society as a whole), as

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    by Angie Chang

    How to be a Tech Entrepreneur Without Knowing How to Program

    By Laura Forrest (Marketing Manager, Mozilla)

    Don’t have a computer science degree? Don’t worry.

    Don’t let that stop you from founding your own start-up. There are many examples of successful non-technical co-founders who didn’t let the lack of knowing a programming language stop them from creating something great.

    In this case study, we look at Victoria Ransom who co-founded Wildfire along with Alain Chuard in 2008. Together they took an idea and transformed it into a thriving venture-backed company 140 employees strong. Enter Victoria Ransom: