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    by Angie Chang

    Lilly Ledbetter, Equal Pay For Women And Toyo Tires

    The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act signed by Obama in January 2009 expanded worker rights.

    By Connie Guglielmo & Kimberly Weisul (Editors, One Thing New)

    After working 19 years as a supervisor at a Goodyear tire factory in Gadsden, Alabama, Lilly Ledbetter received an anonymous note telling her she was being paid much less than her male co-workers. She made $3,727 a month; the lowest-paid man in that same position was making $4,286.

    Ledbetter went to court and won. But Goodyear appealed, and the Supreme Court ruled against Ledbetter, saying she would have had to file suit within 180 days of first being discriminated against – even though, for years, Ledbetter had no idea her pay was less than that of the men around her.

  2. PreviewAda
    by Angie Chang

    A Tale Of Ada Lovelace, Women In Tech – And Steve Jobs’ Biographer

    Meet Ada Lovelace, the 19th century mathematician role model and first computer programmer ever.

    By Connie Guglielmo (Co-Founder & Editor, One Thing New)

    Girl Talk, Woking, England — Suw Charman-Anderson had never heard of Ada Lovelace, the brilliant daughter of the poet Lord Byron, when she dreamed up a project to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and math.

    But after learning of Lovelace, Charman-Anderson, an author, social media consultant and self-described technologist who was frustrated by the dearth of women speakers at tech conferences, thought it fitting that her call to action be named after the woman recognized as the first computer programmer. What better role model