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  1. blackgirlscode
    by Angie Chang

    Mentors Wanted For Black Girls CODE To Work With Young Women Interested in Technology

    Join us at a Bay Area mixer to learn about mentorship opportunities.

    By Abby Bobé (Marketing, BlackGirlsCODE)

    Have you ever listened to an eight year old share her excitement and passion for technology and computer programming?

    Thankfully we have over 750 underrepresented young girls who can share their amazing experiences with you. Ranging from ages six to seventeen, Black Girls CODE is a global movement empowering girls of color in the world of technology.

  2. heather-harde-2
    by Angie Chang

    Calling All Women 2.0 – We Need YOU To Be A Mentor

    “You should have had more women on that panel”

    By Heather Harde (Vice Chairman, sf.citi)

    “You didn’t have enough female-founder companies competing in the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt”… “You didn’t have enough women nominees for the Crunchies Awards”… “Your blog is not doing enough to advance women in technology”…

    These were all regular refrains I heard when I was the CEO of TechCrunch for five years.

  3. women2.0_pitch
    by Angie Chang

    Get Mentored During Lunch At PITCH NYC Conference On November 14

    November 14’s PITCH Conference will hold mentoring over lunch.

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    We have over two dozen mentors joining us on November 14 at PITCH NYC Conference – have face time with them over lunch!

    From investors to entrepreneurs, from product experts to marketing gurus, our mentors will cover topics from funding to growth, idea generation to lean startup practices, from product marketing to product design, these mentors will be coming

  4. 4329028140_3d8019b69b_z
    by Angie Chang

    Women In Tech Like Working For Other Women In Tech

    Research shows that women gravitate toward women-led companies.

    By Blake Landau (Founder, Artemis)

    Get Satisfaction Vice President of Marketing Azita Martin never realized she was the only woman in the room, until she wasn’t. “Now that I’m here at Get Satisfaction, I realize how refreshing it is. You don’t realize how weird being the only woman actually is until you go somewhere else where there is not only another woman, but a woman CEO,” she said.

  5. tc-logo_1000
    by Angie Chang

    Mentor A Teenage Girl At Technovation And Give Back!

    When you were a teenager, did you have a female mentor or role model who showed you that girls can grow up to be programmers, entrepreneurs, and leaders?

    By Dara Olmsted (Director of Development, Iridescent)

    Help the next generation of girls learn to code and start companies – sign up to be a Technovation Challenge mentor today. This year, Technovation is going global and we have hundreds of teams from around the world who need strong, female mentors like you to inspire and lead them. No experience necessary – we will train you.

  6. 4664734666_c62da398c0_z
    by Angie Chang

    To Close the Gender Gap, Focus on Assignments

    Mentors and mentees should heed the sacrosanct 70-20-10 rule.

    By Herminia Ibarra (Contributor, Harvard Business Review)

    A new McKinsey study reports statistically what we already knew from personal experience: that mid-career and senior women tend to be found disproportionally in staff jobs, or “pink ghettos,” relative to men.

    The report tells us that 50% to 65% of women at the vice-president level and higher are in staff roles, compared with only 41% to 48% of men, who are more likely to be in the line jobs that lead to the top.

    This subtler gender gap — one that is difficult to detect

  7. 7005544517_ca2db439d6_z
    by Angie Chang

    Five Lessons Learned From Raising Series A For My Startup

    By Joanne Lang (Founder & CEO, AboutOne)

    It’s been an amazing journey to get AboutOne where it is today. Through the process of developing an award winning app and raising an over-subscribed Series A with lead investors Golden Seeds, I’ve navigated quite a few hurdles and learned many lessons while juggling my roles as tech start up founder and mom to my four young boys.

    As I celebrate the closing of my first series A funded by Golden Seeds and MAG, I thought I would give you a sneak peak at five lessons I’ve learned about the funding process.

  8. 6302475097_0f5118da2f_z
    by Angie Chang

    Would You Like To Mentor And Inspire A Team Of High School Girls?

    By Jennifer Arguello (Product Manager, Mozilla & Mentor, Technovation Challenge)

    Are your successes in life due to other people helping you? Do you wish you had more role models growing up to show you what you know now? Would you like to inspire the next generation of female high-tech leaders?

    If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider becoming a Technovation Challenge mentor.

    The mission of the Technovation Challenge is to promote women in technology by giving girls the skills and confidence

  9. 800px-amanita_muscaria_3_vliegenzwammen_op_rij
    by Angie Chang

    Mentors Are Like Mushrooms: Avoid The Toxic Ones!

    By Franck Nouyrigat (Co-Founder & CTO, Startup Weekend)

    In the last couple of years, I have seen more and more incubators growing and more and more “mentors” helping them. My concern is in regard to the drop of quality I see in mentoring — not to mention that most of the entrepreneurs don’t know how to recognize a bad one…

    If you want to go to the root of it, I recommend reading the blog posts of Steve Blank and David Cohen about mentors.

    I agree with the semantic differences between a teacher, mentor and coach (here to simplify, I just call them mentors as most of the people falsely do).

  10. r-KATHARINE-GRAHAM-large570
    by Angie Chang

    My Business Mentor Is Pulitzer Prize Winner Katharine Graham (The Washington Post)

    By Shannon McClenaghan (Co-Founder & VP Corporate Development, Vectiv)

    Mentors are important at all career stages, especially if you are an entrepreneur.

    My mentor was Katharine Graham, the owner and publisher of the Washington Post, and was one of the best mentors I’ve ever had.

    I was introduced to Katharine Graham just after selling Vectiv, the software company I co-founded in 1998. After $23MM, we needed another round of capital and our investors had stepped up with a term sheet. We were thrilled. Then, as