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    by Angie Chang

    To Start Up Or To SU-Up?

    Our upcoming Kickstarter campaign will provide us with the promotional push and funding needed to take our social enterprise to the next level.

    By Melissa McCoy (Partner & Vice President of Engineering, TOHL)

    After graduating in May, I had two choices: I could head down to Chile and join my three partners in developing TOHL, our water social enterprise, or I could travel to Silicon Valley to participate in Singularity University’s 10-week Graduate Studies summer program.

    Both were attractive choices, but choosing either could mean giving up the opportunity of a lifetime.

    My TOHL partners, Ben Cohen, Travis Horsley, and Apoorv Sinha, and I had been working for over a year on developing TOHL’s technology: a low-cost water pipeline installation method that has the potential to connect the nearly 1 billion people without clean water