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    by Angie Chang

    ZipZapPlay Acquired by PopCap: Women 2.0 Talks to Social Gaming Startup Co-Founder Mathilde Pignol

    This week, Women 2.0 talks to social gaming startup ZipZapPlay‘s co-founder & CCO Mathilde Pignol (pictured being eaten by the dragon couch) about her startup’s recent acquisition by PopCap Games.

    Women 2.0: Congrats on the ZipZapPlay acquisition announcement! How did you get started as a social gaming entrepreneur?

    Mathilde Pignol: When Curt, my co-founder, came to me with the idea of doing an online game creation tool, I got very excited. It sounded like a great design challenge I could sink my teeth into and it was in games, which was an industry I had been fascinated by ever since taking Building Virtual Worlds, Randy Pausch’s class at Carnegie Mellon. Curt and I had always talked about doing a startup but never thought we would do one together — Instead we thought one of us would try their hand at founding a startup while the other supported our household. However, we were both very excited about the idea and decided that our complimentary skill sets (him: technical, me: design/product) were a perfect fit. We both took the plunge and quit our jobs.