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    by Angie Chang

    Why You Should Become The CEO Of A Company

    By Debra Benton (President, Benton Management Resources)

    Sometimes people say to me, “I’m not sure I want to be CEO.”

    My response: What! Why not? That’s the best job in the company!

    Most everyone wants to be the top dog, the honcho, the chief; but most feel it’s unrealistic, so they turn it around and act like they don’t want it anyway. But they wouldn’t turn it down if offered!

    It’s going to happen to someone; it might as well be you.

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    by Angie Chang

    Lean Startup Machine: 1 Part Learning + 1 Part Mentorship.. Stir!

    By Kelley Boyd (Founder & Strategist, Think Experience)

    My first experience at Lean Startup Machine (LSM) was also the first Lean Startup Machine ever held. It was just over a year ago, and I mean that literally. I walked into LSM at Hive at 55 and began relationships that I hold among the closest in my professional life today.

    As an attendee at the first #LsmNYC, I absorbed firsthand guidance from two actual practitioners of Lean: Brant Cooper, Co-Author of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development, and Giff Constable, who was going “lean” with his startup Aprizi.