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    by Angie Chang

    3 Lessons From My Failed Startup, Parceld

    When I graduated, I had a choice: go get a job at a media company, or try to make Parceld a business. I chose the latter, and am so glad I did. Even if, after 7 months of dedicating myself body, mind, and spirit to the effort, I have now shut Parceld down.

    By Brianne Garcia (Co-Founder, Parceld)

    When we entrepreneurs decide to start a company, we know that more things can go “wrong” than can go “right.” We understand this, and yet we believe that we have what it takes to put “a ding in the universe”, as Steve Jobs once said. Startups are so “cool” right now

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    by Angie Chang

    Please Do Learn How to Propose Better Solutions

    Software development is not code. It’s solving problems. Before you learn how to code, learn how to propose better solutions.

    By Gina Trapani (Founder, ThinkUp)

    In a post entitled Please Don’t Learn How to Code, software developer Jeff Atwood argues that the “everyone should learn programming” meme has gotten out of control, and that most people don’t need to learn how to code.

    I mostly disagree with Atwood’s premise and land on Benjamin Stein’s side of the argument.

    Coding teaches you analytical thinking skills, logic workflows, and debugging like no other activity can, and you can apply those skills to lots of situations beyond

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    by Angie Chang

    Why The Web And Global Financial Systems Need Female X Factor

    By Twain Liu (Founder, Senseus)

    The global financial crisis is causing $100+ trillion of effects to our households, communities and economies, and its root causes go beyond the behaviors of a few dozen bankers and the responses of regulators and politicians.

    The system’s failings are actually also in the code and mathematical models underpinning the technologies that are supposed to support intelligent decision-making but which are sub-optimally smart because their Y logic is missing female X factor.

    Since 2008, there have been calls to increase the