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    by Angie Chang

    Would You Prefer to Work for a Man or a Woman?

    Many outwardly ask this question – or secretly maintain a preference – so the responses require closer examination.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    On the surface, the question of which sex one prefers to work for seems absurd in a climate where presumably, most professionals yearn to be employed in a challenging, well-compensated role among intelligent and thoughtful co-workers.

    Yet, surprisingly, it’s an admission we can’t stop making. I once hired a woman who expressed delight that she finally gets to work for another woman.

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    by Angie Chang

    Is There A Feminine Advantage In The Workplace?

    Although the struggle of boys has been well documented, as has the gains women have made in education, that shift appears incongruous with the make-up at the highest echelons of our current workforce – women hold less than 4% of the CEO roles on the Fortune 500 list.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    When Microsoft announced that Julie Larson-Green would lead all Windows software and hardware engineering, CEO Steve Ballmer praised her on her ability to collaborate. This appeared in stark contract, with her predecessor, Windows’

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    by Angie Chang

    Company Culture Trumps Title And Pay

    Increasingly, the issue of finding a company that fits your values ranks high for many candidates.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    When a recruiter contacted me over a year ago about a role at a prestigious media company, with an impressive job title and above average paycheque, I felt obligated to explore the opportunity. The process took several, exhausting weeks and multiple interviews, once on a weekend and another time on a statutory holiday.

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    by Angie Chang

    Out Of The Binder Solutions For Getting Women To The Top

    How can we move past our reliance on “binders”?

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    The Internet is anything but forgiving and the now infamous Mitt Romney gaffe from the second presidential debate where he referred to “binders full of women” provided endless fodder for the social media set. I must admit spending a not insignificant amount of time smugly scanning the endless number of memes on the topic. It provided some momentary comic relief in a presidential race, where women’s issues – from pay equity to abortion – regularly dominate the agenda.

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    by Angie Chang

    Kicking The Perfectionism Habit

    Much of the critique surrounding the quick return to work of CEO Marissa Mayer revolves around the idea that she sets unreasonable expectations for other women.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    A few years ago during a particularly stressful time at work, I remember rushing away from my computer on a Sunday afternoon to quickly drive my son to a play date. In my haste to get him there on time, before rushing back home to more work, I sped out of my drive way and promptly hit a neighbors’ car.

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    by Angie Chang

    Not "The End Of Men" But An Opportunity For Women

    I can’t help but wonder if we claimed ourselves victors prematurely.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    When I read Hanna Rosin’s original essay, The End of Men, in the Atlantic two years ago, I felt like Neo swallowing the red pill in The Matrix?. Suddenly, an abundance of anecdotal evidence appeared to suggest that a post-industrial society would favor those with a double x chromosome. Many of my female friends found greater success in the business world than their partners. I kept encountering boys struggling with learning disabilities

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    by Angie Chang

    Work/Life Balance: You, Me And My BlackBerry Makes Three

    We need to commend women who feel personally and professionally satisfied by their choices.

    By Leah Eichler (Founder, Femme-O-Nomics)

    Early in the summer, I received an opportunity to move to San Francisco for three months. Thinking that it would be a great professional move, I spent a week working out an elaborate scheme, where the kids moved back and forth between my spouse and I since his work obligations prohibited him from joining me full-time.

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    by Angie Chang

    Why It Pays To Mentor Women… Literally

    Mentoring and supporting more junior employees makes good sense for your own career.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    It’s time to stop the blame game. You know, the one where women quietly admit to each other that senior female executives play a role in the gender gap by not supporting more junior women or even thwarting their rise. It’s often referred to as the “queen bee” syndrome, meaning that there is only enough room for one of us at the top.

    I hear it all the time but each additional reference adds to my disappointment since the myth itself hinders the advancement of women. Firstly, it reinforces the belief that women should blame each other for their lack of professional growth. Secondly, it

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    by Angie Chang

    Debunking The Myth Of Meritocracy In Business For Women

    Men in merit-based organizations received higher bonuses than women, despite identical job performance evaluations. This bias did not surface in organizations that did not emphasize merit.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    Imagine a business environment where the best performers garner the highest wages and receive the most appropriate promotions. Sounds like your average, everyday workplace, right? Think again.

    The idea that compensation, job allocation and even business opportunities correspond with merit seems almost ubiquitous in the workplace and in an ideal world, it should even out discriminatory practices. In fact, some well-known business leaders tout the meritocracy as the de-facto approach and any discrepancy between men’s and women’s roles and salaries can

  10. young business woman
    by Angie Chang

    Thinking Of Becoming An Entrepreneur? Read This First

    By 2018, women-owned businesses in the U.S. will generate a third of new jobs.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    When I decided to leave the world of the gainfully employed to launch my own company, I may have suffered from a selective attention span.

    To this day, I struggle to see anything but entrepreneurial success stories and many of them include women, such as Sara Blakely, the owner of Spanx, a company valued at around $1 billion. Other examples include cosmetic discovery service Birchbox, co-founded by Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, Rent the Runway, the couture rental site co-founded

  11. SherylSandberg
    by Angie Chang

    The Gospel According To Sheryl Sandberg

    Regardless of where you stand on Sheryl Sandberg, she wields tremendous influence for many women.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    It’s been a big week for Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, often credited for increasing the social network’s revenue and growing their user base exponentially in the years since CEO Mark Zuckerberg whisked her away from Google.

    Ms. Sandberg appears to have it all: an impressive title, a work history that includes being chief of staff to the U.S. Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton, TED talk videos that generate over a million views and a celebrity status that sees her share a podium with the world’s most influential businessmen at Davos

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    by Angie Chang

    Demystifying Corporate Board Appointments

    For more women in the boardroom, dream big and lay groundwork early in your career for a board seat.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    Let’s talk about women and boards.

    Talking about women and boards may sound unproductive but used appropriately it can be a tool to instigate change at the grassroots level. For one, women must start asking the important questions on how to reach the board level and those that made it up the ranks need to better illuminate the process.

    By lifting the veil on what it takes to rise to the board level, more women can learn to tailor their career choices early on.

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    by Angie Chang

    Compliments That Kill Career Advancement

    Ingrained stereotypes need to be recognized in order to see progress.

    By Leah Eichler (Contributing Writer, Femme-O-Nomics)

    Close your eyes and quickly think of a visionary business leader. Is your example male or female?

    At risk of annoying friends and acquaintances, this question serves to illustrate that despite our best intentions, many associate specific business traits with either men or women.

    These generalized attributes may sound good at the onset. After all, being viewed as “collaborative” or “good at developing relationships” allows many of us to efficiently complete our tasks