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    by Angie Chang

    No Excuses Please (Conference Speaker Diversity)

    The women are there. They are willing to speak. They will do a phenomenal job.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    I had the true pleasure of speaking at the Women Entrepreneurs Festival last week in New York. It was a great conference organized by Joanne Wilson AKA GothamGal and Nancy Hechinger of NYU’s ITP program. I always find gatherings like this refreshing and energizing.

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    by Angie Chang

    Top 5 Cloud Predictions For 2013

    In 2012, SugarSync saw a dramatic increase in customers who came to us via our mobile apps.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    As 2012 comes to an end, it’s easy to look back and marvel at what a great year this has been for the Cloud market. Nearly two thirds of online adults are now using some form of Cloud service, and the amount of people using file sync and sharing services grew from 9% to 15% from 2010 to 2012.

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    by Angie Chang

    Systems Thinking

    In managing a system, the first thing you need to do is know your goals and measurement criteria, then set up measurement systems to know if you are meeting those goals.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    I recently read an article titled “Cowboys and Pit Crews” by one of my favorite writers, Atul Gawande. I was turned on to Gawande’s writing, specifically the books Better and Complications by son Derek. He is in his fourth year of medical school and apparently they assign some of his writing to the students. Gawande writes insightfully

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    by Angie Chang

    Middle Eastern Tech Women Visit Silicon Valley (TechWomen)

    The goal of the TechWomen program is to empower high-potential technical women.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    When I learned about the TechWomen Program of the US Department of State, I knew immediately I wanted to be involved. Readers of this blog know of my early career goal to be a diplomat. I have long been interested in the Middle East and have visited Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

  5. working-mom-percentage
    by Angie Chang

    Moms Working Full Time The Norm, Not The Exception

    Don’t be fooled by Atlantic headlines or even perhaps your social circle. The question is not if but how.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, this blog post can be short.

    Take a look at the below chart from the US Department of Health and Human Services website.

    Many, many American women to the tune of tens of millions are today working full-time while caring for their children under 18. This number has increased nearly 50% in the last 40 years.

    The attention drawn by the Anne-Marie Slaughter piece and others are distracting people from this reality.

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    by Angie Chang

    Learning To Be A CEO (Create Your Own Network)

    As a startup CEO, you gain an independent and important perspective on many of the key activities you do yourself by serving on another board.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    There have been a couple of good posts recently about startup CEO’s serving on the boards of other startups. Brad Feld wrote one and Mark Suster continued the thought here.

    The logic is that you gain an independent and important perspective on many of the key activities you do yourself by serving on another board. In particular, Brad lists these advantages:

    • “You’ll extend your network.
    • You’ll view a company from a different vantage point.
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    by Angie Chang

    Analogies Between The Olympics And Being A Startup CEO

    There are many analogies between Olympic events and being a startup CEO here in the valley.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    Like many of you, our family has enjoyed watching a bit of the Olympics. While I’m usually not one to watch much TV in the evening I’ve enjoyed a few hours of watching the games. My favorites are the gymnastics (both men and women) as well as anything else acrobatic – diving, jumping etc. My least favorite is swimming and beach volleyball.

    Despite the heavy “schmaltz” factor, I also enjoy learning about the athletes, their personal stories and obstacles they’ve overcome. I’m sure these are popular because many of us can

  8. 15921928_111865104a_z
    by Angie Chang

    The Label Or The Characteristic: CEOs And Marriage (Stereotypes)

    The problem with looking at a demographic label rather than a person’s individual characteristics.

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    This headline caught my eye last week: “The Marriage Plot: Single CEOs Make for Riskier Investments”.

    The CNNMoney article summarized a study conducted by two Wharton professors and released by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

    The study tracked 1500 public companies and found that the stocks of companies headed by executives who are single are riskier than shares of companies run by married CEOs:

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    by Angie Chang

    Notes From The SugarSync Girl Geek Dinner

    SugarSync CEO Laura Yecies and Board Member Paula Long host a Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner.

    By Deboshree Dutta (Software Development Engineer, Alcatel-Lucent)

    After a long day at work, I always find it refreshing to meet with my girl friends, grab some food and catch up with each other. Last evening was just like that, only a lot more fun, because it was with a room filled with enthusiastic women I’ve never met before, talking about their lives, goals and challenges, which I learnt are not very different from my own!

    How often do we women ever take a moment to think about what it takes to step out of our shells, own the podium and speak our minds out? A lot of us tend to be timid, talk shyly about

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    by Angie Chang

    Roundup: Female Founder Successes To Celebrate This Week

    March 8 may be International Women’s Day but we are celebrating women all week, year long!

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    This week, we highly respect Sara Blakely for joining Forbes’ World Billionaire’s list thanks to her company Spanx. The 41 year old is the youngest person on the list – and worth ten figures without the aid of a husband or an inheritance, and she still owns 100% of the company she founded in 2000.

    This Week: Female-Founded Startup Fundraising

    Songkick raised $10M Series B from Sequoia Capital, the firm’s first UK investment reported TechCrunch. Songkick was founded in 2007 by Michelle You as a Y Combinator company.

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    by Angie Chang

    What Do Good Housekeeping, Computerworld Have In Common?

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    Consumerization of IT is a hot topic these days. What does this mean? There is no official definition but in the technology press there are a few important ideas.

    • The use of consumer technologies within the company IT infrastructure. For instance, employees buying an iPhone – they purchased it and they own it, but they are using their personal device to manage their work email and perhaps other applications. This leads the enterprise IT manager to use tools and technologies to secure and manage
  12. 5100747345_1ca31ee246_z
    by Angie Chang

    Career Mom: The Benefits To Kids

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    A key part of parenting is being a role model for your children. I believe that one of the reasons I have been comfortable with my decision to work full-time while my children are growing up is that that is what I saw my mother do.

    I never felt like it was a negative having a mom who worked. In fact I was (am) proud of her and even felt special talking about her work in school and with my friends.

    I think its no coincidence that my husband is

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    by Angie Chang

    47 Is The New 27: An Entrepreneur At Any Age

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    A friend sent me this Forbes article – 30 Under 30 — with the question — why the focus on youth? It is a really good question. My first thought when I read the article was where was I and what was I doing before I turned the dreaded 30, after which, implicitly in this article — one’s accomplishments become theoretically less impressive.

    So let’s turn the clock back to just before 30. December 1993 — I had three children (Adam was born when I was over the hill at 31) ages eight, five and six months. I was working at

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    by Angie Chang

    How Do I Become CEO Of A Technology Startup?

    What skills do you need to develop to become the CEO of a tech startup?

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    I’m often asked by young women in school, thinking about their careers, “how can I prepare to be a CEO? What should I study? What experiences should I seek?”

    To answer this question I think it’s best to think about what skills are needed to be a CEO of a technology startup. First of all, what do companies need to do? Simply put, they need to make things and they need to sell what they make. Typically, the CEO will know more about one of those two, but you need to be able to execute at a basic level on both. Going beyond that, you need to

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    by Managing Editor

    SugarSync CEO On How Star Women Are More Portable

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    I happened to read a fascinating article in Harvard Business Review – it’s a couple of years old but it was part of an email to me by HBS and the title caught my eye, “How Star Women Build Portable Skills”. You can read the full text of the article here.

    The thesis is that, unlike men, when star women switch firms, they maintain their “star” performance. The author, Boris Groysberg, attributes this to two factors:

    • “Unlike men, high-performing women build their success on portable, external relationships – with clients
  16. young-entrepreneurs
    by Angie Chang

    Applying Rooney Rule to Women in Leadership (Just Win Baby)

    By Laura Yecies (CEO, SugarSync)

    I’m a regular reader of Mark Suster’s blog “Both Sides of the Table”. He wrote a post last week on one of my favorite topics “Why Aren’t there More Female Entrepreneurs”.

    He brings up some interesting points on his women role models and positive experience with women entrepreneurs – so far so good. The problem was that I clicked on this link to an interview that Pemo Theodore did with him on the subject of women entrepreneurs. Talk about feeling punched in the stomach. I suggest readers take a look at the clip for themselves but

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    by Angie Chang

    Huffington Post Lists Top 27 Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Yesterday on the Huffington Post, this time the readers picked “27 Women in Tech You Need to Follow on Twitter.”

    These names are a response to the previous list of best women in tech to follow on Twitter that was posted by the Huffington Post a few days ago.

    Here is the list of top women, chosen by the readers:

    #1 — Padmasree Warrior is the chief technology