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    by Angie Chang

    How To Create Social Proof — Subscribers, Followers and Fans

    By Kristi Hines (Contributor, KISSmetrics blog)

    One of the top things that helps increase a visitor’s confidence in your website, particularly if it is a blog, is evidence of social proof.

    This evidence comes in the form of displaying social engagement numbers including your subscribers, followers, fans, tweets, likes, and other social shares.

    While perusing the AdAge Power 150, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the top marketing blogs were proving their social clout.

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    by Angie Chang

    How Customer Development, Product Management Fit Together

    By Cindy Alvarez (Head of Products and Customer Development, KISSmetrics)

    “Isn’t customer development just product management?”

    “You don’t really need product management if you do customer development right.”

    “Customer development is fine for startups with no process, but it doesn’t fit into a mature product management organization.”

    I’ve heard all 3 of these, and I think they’re all completely wrong.

    Customer development and product management are

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    by Angie Chang

    Lean Startup Machine: 1 Part Learning + 1 Part Mentorship.. Stir!

    By Kelley Boyd (Founder & Strategist, Think Experience)

    My first experience at Lean Startup Machine (LSM) was also the first Lean Startup Machine ever held. It was just over a year ago, and I mean that literally. I walked into LSM at Hive at 55 and began relationships that I hold among the closest in my professional life today.

    As an attendee at the first #LsmNYC, I absorbed firsthand guidance from two actual practitioners of Lean: Brant Cooper, Co-Author of The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development, and Giff Constable, who was going “lean” with his startup Aprizi.

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    by Angie Chang

    Customer Development Tip – Poke Your Bruises

    By Cindy Alvarez (Head of Products and Customer Development, KISSmetrics)

    When you hear a customer complain about your product, do you: Change the subject? Immediately promise that you’ll fix it? Focus instead on the positive feedback and the parts of your product that they really like? Think to yourself, “what a jerk”? Oh, come on, we’ve all thought that sometimes.)

    But seriously, we tend to do the first 3 because they minimize cognitive dissonance: that uncomfortable feeling we get when our brains try to wrap themselves around two contradictory ideas. (in this case: “I’m a good product manager and

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    by Angie Chang

    3 Ways to Request and Get a Face-to-Face Meeting

    By Cindy Alvarez (Head of Products and Customer Development, KISSmetrics)

    True or false? If you’re asking a favor of someone, it’s best to give them plenty of freedom in terms of how and when they do it. I mean, it seems awfully presumptuous to not only ask for a favor, but also to ask that it be done in a specific manner in a specific timeframe. Right? Wrong.

    Most people are happy to help with feedback or advice. However, we are conditioned to avoid uncertainty. We don’t like putting ourselves in situations where we may look stupid. We’re often multitasking and thus distracted. And the busiest people have limited time and they would prefer to spend that time on helping you with the hardest stuff, in the most efficient possible way. Hammering out where and when to meet, or which format to write up an answer in, or which tool to use is not giving someone flexibility, it’s assigning them busywork.

    To be as considerate as possible and maximize your response rate, here’s what you do:

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    by Angie Chang

    6 Female Founders at Ignite SF: Lean Startup (May 21)

    By Sarah Milstein (Organizer, Ignite: Lean Startup)

    Join us for an evening of Lean Startup talks with a twist. Each brave presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides — which advance automatically every 15 seconds. Fast-paced, thought-provoking and social, this Ignite features presentations from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs ready to share their lessons learned.

    The evening’s slate for Ignite SF: Lean Startup Edition

    20 Ways to Not Build Stuff
    Cindy Alvarez (Product Management & Customer Development, KISSmetrics)
    Follow her on Twitter at @cindyalvarez.

    Building Community: Champions, Cheerleaders and Comrades
    Kimberly Dillon (Founder, House of Mikko)
    Follow her on Twitter at @prettylittleceo.

    How listening to customers helped us raise $700K in seed funding
    Mariya Genzel (Co-Founder & CTO, Saygent)
    Follow her on Twitter at @mashagenzel.