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    by Angie Chang

    Blazing Cloud Will Match Your Contribution To Black Girls Code

    “Although our the number of women in tech roles in the Bay Area is still small, there are a number of incredible women whom I met at events such as RailsBridge, Women 2.0 and Women Who Code events who have volunteered for our classes from the beginning.” – Kimberly Bryant, founder of Black Girls Code.

    By Sarah Allen (CTO, Mightyverse & Founder, Blazing Cloud)

    Black Girls Code seeks to increase the number of women of color in digital careers, starting with 7-14 year olds.

    The campaign to support their “summer of code” ends in just a few days and they are almost half way to their goal.

    Blazing Cloud is pledging up to $1,000 as matching funds if employees or anyone in our community (teachers, students, TAs, or anyone who has worked with us in the past) gives to this campaign before Wednesday, July 11 @ 11:59pm

  2. by Angie Chang

    With Programs Like Codecademy, Women Are No Longer Accidentally Excluded From Learning Technology

    “We’re hoping to make everyone literate about the basics of programming while creating a generation of new and talented programmers” Zach Sims, co-Founder of Codecademy told me in an email.

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    by Angie Chang

    “Black Girls Code” Brings More Women of Color to Silicon Valley

    By Kiratiana Freelon (Contributor, Loop 21)

    If black girls can rock and black girls can travel then they can surely code, right? The statistics show otherwise. Women of color represent less than 3% of the people in technology fields.

    But if it’s up to Kimberly Bryant, pretty soon tons of black (and brown) girls will be coding, which is the art of creating computer programs. She is the founder of Black Girls Code, a Bay Area organization whose mission is to increase the young women of color in the field of digital and computer technology.