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    by Angie Chang

    Learn From Leaders Of Product Innovation: Women 2.0 PITCH 2012 Videos Now Available Online

    For $30, get full access to Women 2.0 premium videos for the next 30 days online.

    By Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

    We have exclusive videos from PITCH 2012, our 1000 person conference last February in Silicon Valley. We recorded all the conference talks, panels and pitches for you so you can pop some popcorn and make it a night of learning and inspiration.

    We are excited to be sharing this exclusive content with you. A 30 day subscription to premium Women 2.0 videos will give you access to 6 videos – that’s 3 hours of great talks – from female founders including Zipcar’s Robin Chase, Care.com’s Sheila Lirio Marcelo (pictured), Chomp’s Cathy Edwards (acquired by Apple)

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    by Angie Chang

    Facebook Is Missing Something Obvious

    Companies with women on their boards have been proven to lead to a higher ROI.

    By Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

    To continue its explosive growth, Facebook needs to innately understand and cater to their most lucrative user: women. The best way to do that is to add a woman to their board.

    Let’s look at the facts about how women rule the web: 71% of Facebook’s daily active users are women (58% of total users are women). That’s almost three-fourth’s of their user base. Women are clearly Facebook’s #1 customer.

    And, it’s not just on Facebook. Women are driving activity on Twitter (59% are women), women dominate Pinterest

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    by Angie Chang

    Groupon Blog: Women 2.0 PITCH Conference

    By Emily Moss & Kathleen Meil (Product, Groupon)

    Last week, we visited the Computer History Museum in Mountain View for the fifth annual Women 2.0 PITCH Conference. PITCH is a conference for women in tech to gather and mingle and learn from one another. As Groupon employees we were excited to spend the day schmoozing with developers, designers, and startup mavens and learning from some of the most influential women in the tech world.

    The Women 2.0 crew pulled in the big guns for the thousand attendees, recruiting the founders and CEOs of some of the most well-known startups in the world as speakers and panelists. These women waxed poetic — literally, Caterina Fake of Flickr

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    by Angie Chang

    Why Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman

    By Aileen Lee (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)


    Good questions have been asked lately of tech companies without gender diversity on their boards of directors. While women comprise 51% of the population, they make up only 15.7% of Fortune 500 boards of directors, less than 10% of California tech company boards, and 9.1% of Silicon Valley boards.

    Why should we care? For one, women are the power users of many products and it’s just smart business to have an understanding of key customers around the table. Could you imagine a game company without any gamers on the leadership team or board?

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    by Angie Chang

    Friday Roundup: All Things PITCH-Related, And Then Some…

    By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the fifth annual Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition on Valentine’s Day.

    For those who missed it, the PITCH conference rocked the house. Here are 9 lessons learned from the day, as well as a guy’s perspective on Women 2.0 moving the needle for women entrepreneurs.

    The day was filled with love and startups, as speakers like Facebook’s Katie Mitic reminding us that the job is only 1% done – building tech products is a labor of love and passion.

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    by Angie Chang

    For The Men Who Missed It – The Women 2.0 PITCH Conference

    By Jenna Hannon (Writer, TechZulu)

    Just like the sky scraping investment banks of Wall Street, the technology industry tends to be a sausage party. A Silicon Valley conference is a room full of suits, with the occasional skirt suite. So when I heard about Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, I couldn’t help but feel like it might be a hall of crickets with a few passionate women warming the front row. I was mistaken.

    A 50 car line stacked up the street from the conference entrance filled with women idling, applying mascara, brushing their hair, and finishing early morning conference calls.

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    by Angie Chang

    Photos From Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition 2012

    By Erica Kawamoto Hsu (Online Media Producer & Photographer, Kuishimbo)

    The 2012 Women 2.0 PITCH Conference & Competition on Valentine’s Day was amazing – the agenda and speaker lineup made me realize it was something I had to be at.

    I brought my camera to the PITCH Conference on Tuesday to shoot candids at the event. But I kept stopping – to speak to the amazing women entrepreneurs I was meeting.

    Each person that I spoke to or I shot for the Sit With Me campaign had their own startup – and would show me what they were working on their smartphones.

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    by Angie Chang

    The Daily Muse Names Five Startups To Watch From PITCH 2012

    By Adrian Granzella Larssen (Writer, The Daily Muse)

    When Shaherose Charania came to Silicon Valley from Canada a decade ago, she was shocked to find that the start-up scene was overwhelmingly male. So, she turned her awe into action, and co-founded Women 2.0, a network and media company for female entrepreneurs.

    Fast forward to today: What started as a “connector network meeting over cheap Trader Joe’s wine” at her co-founder’s house has evolved into a massive international organization. Now, Charania has seen and helped over 300 early-stage

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    by Angie Chang

    Move The Needle: Women 2.0 PITCH

    By Blake Landau (Director of Marketing, Linqia)

    The fact is there is nothing more romantic than spending Valentines Day at the Computer History Museum with over a thousand women at Women 2.0’s fifth annual PITCH conference.

    There is a demand for mentoring, support and communities where women can support each other. We all know this considering that Women 2.0 events consistently sell out. PITCH was no different with people pouring out of the conference rooms.

    For women to be successful in an industry where

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    by Angie Chang

    Facebook: A “Meritocracy Of Ideas,” Only 1% Done

    By Connie Guglielmo (Writer, Forbes)

    Didn’t have time to read Facebook’s 150-page prospectus?

    Katie Mitic, director of platform and mobile marketing, summed up Facebook’s mission, product philosophy and where the company thinks it stands in the market in a 30-minute presentation about lessons learned by the social-networking giant.

    Mitic, who joined Facebook in 2010, was speaking to women entrepreneurs gathered today for the Women 2.0 Pitch Conference & Competition at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, just down the road from Google.

    Here are a few excerpts.