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  1. ratio
    by Angie Chang

    Change The Ratio: Women Creative Directors Are The 3%

    The “Guys Who Get It” panel had a man’s perspective acknowledging that the industry has to change in order for the best ideas to emerge.

    By Ayesha Mathews-Wadhwa (Founder & Creative Director, PixInk)

    It’s kind of ironic to think that creative directors at advertising agencies who typically market to women are mostly men.

    I recently had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 3% Conference, an event devoted to female creative directors.

  2. mi
    by Angie Chang

    More Women In Advertising Will Make The World A Better Place

    Women hold the purse strings, but don’t control advertising.

    By Kat Gordon (Founder, Maternal Instinct)

    I have worked the ad agency beat. And here’s what I’ve learned: women hold the purse strings, but surrender that power when it comes to work environments. Can you imagine any other business case study that presents itself this way: “I control 85% of the power – of a multi-trillion dollar market – yet am 97% un-represented in its making.” Lunacy!