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    by Angie Chang

    High School Girls Learn To Code And Design Mobile Games

    Iridescent’s program gives high school girls the skills and confidence needed to succeed in computer science and entrepreneurship.

    By Karen Holst (Co-Founder, Pick-A-Prof & VP Institutional Development, MyEdu)

    While volunteering with Iridescent’s Technovation Challenge, I would often come home from mentoring the group of teenage girls with a smile on my face and a fist pump in the air. “Finally!”

    It seemed the only word that fit. Finally, a program for high school girls that exposes them to the startup world, teaches them what it takes to be a high-tech entrepreneur and gives them a glimmer of what they could grow up to become. It’s the “confidence-building-change-your-life” experience fitting for any girl out there. Don’t you wish they had this when you were in high school?