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    by Angie Chang

    Young Entrepreneurs Jessica O. Matthews And Julia Silverman Invent Energy-Harvesting Soccer Ball

    Jessica O. Matthews co-invented the sOccket, and founded Uncharted Play with Julia Silverman.

    By Nusha Balyan (Writer, The Story Exchange)

    The sOccket looks like a regular soccer ball, but it doubles as an energy-harvesting source that can help light up communities without access to electricity.

    Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman, who are in their early 20s, came up with the idea for the sOccket while working on a class project during their junior year at Harvard. They were taking an engineering class for non-engineering majors and were tasked with addressing a social issue through art and science.

    Both had travelled extensively through Africa

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    by Angie Chang

    Entrepreneurs Under 25 (The Young And The Relentless)

    “I don’t give up. I’m definitely meant to be an entrepreneur,” said entrepreneur Cheryl Yeoh.

    By Karin Kamp (Director of Digital Media, The Story Exchange)

    At a time of high levels of youth joblessness – the latest U.S. figures show that the unemployment rate for workers under 25 is over 16% – some are betting that the best chance for finding a job, is creating one.

    Over the past month, The Story Exchange has been interviewing young women who have started their own businesses to understand how they’ve came so far, so fast.

    What we found is a group who are fearless in the face of uncertainty and simply propel themselves forward without over thinking the obstacles.